All it takes is Tournament Manager (online)


Easy to use.


Administrators and golfers can access any where, any time, from any device.


Golfer sign up, live score posting, live leaderboards, and more...


Cloud power!

Tournament Manager unleashes the power of the Internet.

If your club runs golf tournaments (18 or 9 hole), Tournament Manager is for you. Packed full of features! It handles individual and team tournaments...any number of golfers per team, up to 200 teams, up to 26 flights, 1 to 5 rounds per tournament. And you're not locked into any specific format. Almost any individual and team tournament format can be run. Plus, it's easy to use. Five steps to run your tournament:

  1. Set tournament parameters.
  2. Sign up players.
  3. Build pairings, set teetimes, publish score cards, etc.
  4. Play golf!
  5. Post scores, show live leaderboards, and publish results.

Are you tired of signing up golfers, pairing teams, marking score cards, and calculating results by hand? Tournament Manager automates the entire process. Most importantly, Tournament Manager is easy to use! Computer novice is assumed. You'll be up and running in 20 minutes. Makes running golf tournaments easy! See a list of features...


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