What's new in Tournament Manager (online)

Tournament Manager (online) contains all the features found in our traditional desktop software... plus, new features available only in an online system:
  • Access any where, any time, from any device (including mobile phones).
  • Online sign up.
  • Live scoring.
  • Live leaderboards.
  • Instant results on the web.
  • Multiple administrators.
  • Plus more...see Features.
We are actively adding new features!
If you find Tournament Manager is missing something you need, contact us.
We will add your suggestion to the request list.

May 2017

  • Option to show "match strokes" on scorecard. Low handicap player plays at scratch (0 handicap), other golfers get the difference of handicaps in strokes.
  • Option to show "team total quota" on scorecards.
  • Option to track player's ages and automatically flight by age.
  • Option to automatically flight players by previous round(s) scores.
  • Option to automatically flight teams by handicap or previous round(s) scores.
  • Option to automatically pair players by previous round(s) scores AND also group inside the same player flights.

June 2017

New Quick Tutorial (Fastest way to learn the system).
View/Print it now.