What's new in Tournament Manager (online)

Tournament Manager (online) contains all the features found in our traditional desktop software... plus, new features available only in an online system:
  • Access any where, any time, from any device (including mobile phones).
  • Online sign up.
  • Live scoring.
  • Live leaderboards.
  • Instant results on the web.
  • Multiple administrators.
  • Plus more...see Features.
We are actively adding new features!
If you find Tournament Manager is missing something you need, contact us.

March 2018

  • New app for Android and iPhone.
  • Option to show your tournaments with results and season leaderboard on ANY website! Even in an email!
  • New "Signup" log. Lets you see who signed up any golfer to/from a tournament. Also includes the date and time they were signed up or removed.
  • Automatically collapses repeat pars and hole handicaps on scorecards to one line.
  • Skins/Deuces results shows a winners summary at top of report.
  • Option to show tiebreaks on most results reports. Tiebreaks include USGA method, Handicap hole, 18 to 1, and 1 to 18.
  • Option to customize scorecards with ANY extra lines of information you need recorded.
  • Option to show ANY item your group tracks on the Pairing Sheet...including ANY custom items.
  • Import from Linux and Unix data files.
  • Option to not show selected golfer's personal information to other members.
  • Option to show golfer's ID numbers on any results report.

May 2017

  • Option to show "match strokes" on scorecard. Low handicap player plays at scratch (0 handicap), other golfers get the difference of handicaps in strokes.
  • Option to show "team total quota" on scorecards.
  • Option to track player's ages and automatically flight by age.
  • Option to automatically flight players by previous round(s) scores.
  • Option to automatically flight teams by handicap or previous round(s) scores.
  • Option to automatically pair players by previous round(s) scores AND also group inside the same player flights.

June 2017

New Quick Tutorial (Fastest way to learn the system).
View/Print it now.