Frequently Asked Questions

Using Tournament Manager

 Is it complicated to use?
No. Computer novice is assumed - you'll be up and running in 20 minutes.

 How do my golfers access their information?
1. Your group is given a website portal address. Golfers can go to this "Player Portal" any time to see tournament information. Tournament Manager's mass email feature enables you to automatically send each golfer his/her sign in information.
2. If your group already has a website, a sign in link can be placed on your own site.

 We have the desktop version of Tournament Manager. Can our information be transferred?
Yes, your golfers can be transferred. We will do this for you.

 Can I send group emails to tournament participants and membership lists?

 Is there a tutorial available to learn the system?
Yes. Includes a "Quick Tutorial", full online help, sample data to "play" with, and phone and email help.


 What subscription level should we order?
Estimate the maximum number of players you will have in any given tournament and find the lowest subscription level which will accommodate that maximum number of participants.

 We do not play all year long. Can I start and stop my subscription??
Yes, you can stop a subscription at any time. We maintain your data for 1 year from the stop it will still be there when you start up again. Call or email us if you need distinct start and stop dates for your service.

 How many players can I have in my roster(s)?
You can have an unlimited number of players.

 Do we have to pay for inactive golfers?
No. You can have any number of players in your roster(s). You pay for the number of available "player slots" for your tournaments.

 Our organization does not have a credit card. May we pay with a check?
Yes, you can pay with a check. Only yearly subscriptions can be paid with a check. We do need a credit card for month-to-month billing. However, if you know the start and stop date for your service, we can invoice your organization for the specified time period.

Data Input

 Do I have to manually input all my players?
No. You can import any "standard" data file. CSV, tab-delimited, Excel, etc. Most programs can export their data into a "standard" format.

 Is there a course database?
Yes, there is a database of most courses from around the world. If a course you play on is not found, it can be added at any time to the course database.

 Do I have to input hole-by-hole scores?
Yes and no. Hole-by-hole posting is necessary only if you wish to show tournament leaderboard, skins, best ball, points, etc. However, you (tournament director/committee) don't have to enter any scores, if you don't want to. You can have the golfers enter scores as they play using their smartphones. When you let golfers post scores, your results are available immediately during and after play.


 Do you have customers outside the United States?
Yes! We have customers from most countries around the world.

 Do you sell or use my list of golfers for advertising purposes?
No. Never.

 How long has been in business?
We've been in business since 1988, and are dedicated to providing the best, easiest-to-use golf software, anywhere!