Administrator's Panel

Handicap System (online) is a powerful and flexible system that lets your organization track golfers, calculate handicaps, communicate with your golfers, and more. The administrative panel provides an easy-to-use spreadsheet-style interface (just like filling out a form!). Provides the fastest possible data input (click one link to enter a new score). Or better yet, let your members enter their own information and post their own scores via the web or free app. Handicap System also provides fast selection and sorting - sort your rosters in any fashion. System can handle any number of golfers. And it supports multiple number of rosters (you can build separate rosters for men, women, different organizations, etc.). Easy to use! Computer novice assumed. You'll be up and running in 15 minutes.

  • Simply login and go.
  • Access information from any device with an internet connection.
  • Multiple administrators.
  • "System" administrator can allow or limit the functions of sub-administrators.

Group Management

  • Complete membership information (name, handicap, addresses, phone numbers, email, birthday, etc.) plus customizable fields for each golfer. Use customized fields to track anything you wish.
  • Stores all rounds for each golfer.
  • Add, update, or delete golfers and scoring information at any time.
  • Multiple rosters (Separate by sex, flight, age, etc.).
  • Maintains course addresses, tees, ratings, slopes, yards (meters), pars, and more.
  • Mass email your golfers. Email one, many, or all your golfers.
    • Email templates. Automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
    • Personalize emails. You can build emails which will automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in a mass email.
  • Wide Range of Reports
    • Custom Handicap Directory Reports (1, 2 or 3 columns)
    • Posting sheets. (Several styles)
    • Course detail, and Course by tee Reports - course name, address, tees, slope, rating, par, yards, hole handicap, etc.
    • Membership directories.
    • Plus you can also create your own CUSTOM reports! Display any item, in any column, sorted in any fashion. Any number of report layouts can be created and saved for later use.
    • Reports can be customized to extract only the information you need. Reports can be sorted in any order. Select golfers to print by any criteria. The layout of each report is controlled by you -- Margins, page length, page width, report header, report title, report date, spacing, etc. Reports can be printed in any size font or style. Print reports in portrait or landscape mode.
    • EXPORT into PDF format, or Microsoft Excel. (PDF is the universal format for viewing on the web or transferring reports and data from one program to another.)
  • Other Features
    • An easy to use "Transfer Wizard" lets you import golfers and scores from other software with a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Data stored on the internet and automatically protected from loss.
    • Plus more! If you don't think Handicap System (online) will work for your organization, give us a call.


  • CUSTOMIZABLE formulas. Calculate handicaps any way you wish. Very flexible. Setup your own handicapping parameters. Handicaps can be calculated up to 2 decimal places. If you don't think Handicap System can calculate handicaps the way your organization currently plays, please call or email (
  • Calculates course handicaps for any number of golf courses and tees.
  • Switch calculation modes/formulas at any time!
  • 18 or 9 hole handicapping (Switch between 18 and 9 hole at any time)
  • Automatically combines 9 hole scores to produce an 18 hole score. Even if you calculate 18 hole handicaps, the program lets you select nine hole courses.
  • Optional hole-by-hole or totals. Just like filling out a scorecard.
  • Option to set a "hard" revision date. Only scores prior to the revision date will be used for handicaps. If you post scores after the revision date they will NOT change the golfer's handicap.
  • Option to schedule automatic calculation of handicaps.
  • Golfers can see a detailed sheet that shows step by step exactly how their handicap was calculated.
  • NOTE: If your group needs an "Official" Sanctioned USGA World handicap you MUST use their system. Our System does NOT calculate official USGA Handicaps.

Golfer Access

Option to allow your members to view and post their scores online. Golfers can easy access their handicap information at any time from any where. Furthermore, many clubs want their members to have the option to enter and maintain their own information from any computer or mobile device (phone, pad, tablet, etc..)

How Does It Work?
Golfers go to your group's website and sign in.
This page can be customized by you (color scheme, page text, etc).

Mobile access

Optional mobile access for score-posting, handicap lookup and more from smartphones, pads, or other mobile devices.

Option for golfers to ...

  • view/edit/update their information
  • add/edit/delete scores online
  • Post a score hole-by-hole as they play a round of golf, or at any time of their choosing
  • view list of posted scores
  • see their handicap on any coures/tee in the world
  • display or print their handicap card
  • view other golfer's contact information, scores, handicaps, etc
  • send and view messages from players in their group
  • view shared files and documents
  • make teetime reservations, view golf rules, golf news, tips, weather, and more...
  • app for Android and iPhone.
    Android app     Apple app


Use the built in website as the central place for your golfers to sign in and view other members.
- or -
Integrate Handicap System with your "current" website.

Website allows you to...

  • share documents (public and private)
  • display photos
  • include important links

What else


Integrates with the Tournament Manager.


Free unlimited, friendly coaching and customer support. Handicap System (online) is easy to use, so most customers never require help. But if you need help or advice don't hesitate to call, email, or submit a help ticket. We are here to help.


Any device that can connect to the internet.

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