Tournament Manager Features

Administrators can ...

Maintain Tournament Information

  • Complete player information (name, addresses, phone numbers, email, birthday, etc). Plus customizable fields for each golfer. Use customized fields to track anything you wish.
  • Individual and/or team tournaments.
  • Any number of golfers per team.
  • Up to 26 flights.
  • Any number of golfers in a roster.
  • Option for multiple rosters. Special "Guest Roster" for non members.
  • Run multi-round tournaments. Up to 5-rounds.
  • Play any number of courses.
  • Includes most courses around the world. Add a course to the "Global World Course Library" at any time.
  • Any number of tees can be played simultaneously.
  • Shotgun or regular start tee times.
  • Option to track putts, fairways, greens, earnings, points, etc.
  • Allows for multiple sorts on any item.
  • View or edit past tournaments at any time.
  • Add, update, or delete golfers at any time.
  • Quickly select/change golfers in a tournament.
  • Mass email your golfers. Email one, many, or all your golfers.
    • Email templates. Automatically saves emails as templates for future use. No need to retype emails over and over again.
    • Personalize emails. You can build emails which will automatically fill in personal data for each golfer in a mass email.

Build Teams

The heart of Tournament Manager is its ability to build teams...manually or automatically...with any number of golfers per team - 2-somes, 3-somes, 4-somes, 5-somes, 6-somes, 7-somes, and 8-somes.

  • Many pairing options! Tournament Manager can consider one, many, or all of the following parameters when building x-somes: Handicaps, Flights, Groups, Gender, Cart/Walk, and/or Preferred tee time. Select the appropriate pairing options and watch Tournament Manager go. For example, you could make Tournament Manager build simple foursomes requiring an A,B,C,D golfer in each a complex 2 men, 2 women in each foursome, each from a different club (group), respecting walk/ride, considering each golfer's preferred tee time, trying to balance each foursome A,B,C,D - while trying to maintain equal team handicaps. It would take days to do manually. Tournament Manager does it in a matter of seconds. It even has an option to automatically avoid pairing husbands and wives together.
  • Up to 9 grouping fields available. Use the group field to make Tournament Manager handle complex pairings. Example: Assume you're running a tournament with 100 golfers. 25 are professionals and the other 75 amateurs. You want to calculate 25 equal foursomes with one professional per foursome and the remaining three amateurs. Place all professionals in group 1, and all amateurs in group 2. Then mark "Balance Groups" and calculate pairings. This golf tournament software will assure that one professional appears in each foursome....while maintaining any other options you set.
  • Many calculation modes:

    Equal x-somes: Calculates x-somes with total group handicaps as close as possible for each x-some.

    Balanced x-somes: Calculates x-somes with a balanced number of flights in each x-some. For example, a balanced foursome would produce an A,B,C,D in each foursome, while trying to maintain equal team handicaps.

    Flighted x-somes: Calculates x-somes with the same flight in each x-some. For example, a flighted foursome would try to produce an A,A,A,A in each foursome while trying to maintain equal teams. The next set of foursomes would be B,B,B,B, etc.

    Mixed Flighted x-somes: Calculates x-somes with the mixed flights in each x-some. For example, a mixed foursome would try to produce an A,A,C,C in each foursome and B,B,D,D in each foursome. Or A,A,B,B and C,C,D,D, etc...

    Random Pairings: Calculates completely random x-somes, without regard for any criteria (handicaps, flights, gender, carts, etc.) See our free golf pairings generator.

  • Powerful manual pairing options. Allows you to lock any number of golfers on the same team. You can manually build some teams (or parts of teams) and let Tournament Manager automatically pair the rest.


  • Calculate flights automatically. Or set flights manually. Up to 26 flights. Flight by any item you track, including index, handicap, scores, points, golfer's age, etc.
  • Automatically assigns tee times and start holes. Shot gun or regular start.
  • Option to adjust handicaps for play from different tees.
  • Tournament handicaps calculated automatically. Handicap allowances can be adjusted by any amount.
  • Calculate pars, birdies, eagles, skins, deuces, etc.
  • Many Tournament formats:
    • Net or gross tournaments
    • Stroke Play (best 18 holes, best front, best back, etc).
    • Match Play (against par).
    • Scrambles, individual, flighted, mixed tournaments.
    • Points (Par-Bogey, Stableford, Custom). Set points to any values you choose.
    • Stableford Tournaments (Any point setup allowed).
    • Quota Point Tournaments.
    • Aggregate of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
    • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Best ball.
    • Combination Gross and Net Ball.
    • Best Ball Mix.
  • Team and/or Individual Standings.
  • Customize standing reports to show practically any type of standings you can imagine.
  • Break ties using USGA method, by handicap hole, sequential holes, and/or fractional handicaps.
  • "Callaway" style handicapping. Handicap off one round using USGA Scheid, Peoria, or System 36 handicapping.

Tournament Leaderboards

Option to display live leaderboards on any computer or mobile device. View at the clubhouse and on the course.
  • Automatically updates current standings. (Results for gross, net, points, and quota points)
  • Multi-round leaderboards (1,2,3,4, or 5 rounds).
  • Team scramble. Gross scramble results, where a team records scores for one ball.
  • Team scramble (net). Net scramble (team handicap applied) results, where a team records scores for one ball.

Season Leaderboard

Option to track season winners by points, earnings, scores, or other statistics. The Season leaderboard is automatically updated after each tournament is finalized.

Reports and Results

  • Registration sheets, Sign Up sheets, Roster/Directory reports, Team pairing sheets, etc.
  • Score Cards. Many options allow you to customize the information you want to appear on each card. You can even record net, points, putts, fairways, and greens on printed scorecard.
  • Cart Signs. Signs can be customized with logos and graphics.
  • Individual results. Track individual standings, including pars, birdies, eagles, etc. Individual standings may be flighted by any results.
  • Selected holes: Odd holes, even holes, blind holes, par 3s, 4s, 5s, etc... Select any combination of holes to use for results.
  • Drop worst hole(s): Drop any number of worst holes for each player and total the remaining holes.
  • Win by gross or net: Results where a player wins either gross or net only once. Automatically selects 1st place gross, 1st place net, 2nd place gross, 2nd place net, etc... a golfer can only win a position once.
  • Eclectic: Use the player's best score on each hole (over multiple rounds) to calculate the total results.
  • Tiebreak audit: Show details of how individual gross and net tiebreaks (USGA, Handicap hole, 18 to 1, and 1 to 18) are calculated.
  • Skins and deuces. (Gross and Net) Plus option to show team skins on any of the team results reports.
  • Team results. Dozens of reports allow you to summarize tournament results. Hole-by-hole or totals. Team standings may be flighted.
  • Unlimited number of "custom" team tournament results. Gross, net, and/or points. Customize team results to show any type of standings you can imagine. Preloaded samples includes...

    1. Best ball waltz. Teams score is based on 1 net best ball on hole 1, 2 net best balls on hole 2, 3 best balls on hole 3, 1 net best ball on hole 4, etc...
    2. AC net best ball and BD net best ball. Team score is the total of player 1 and 3's net best ball and player 2 and 4's net best ball.
    3. Colored ball. Teams score is based on colored ball and 1 net best ball of other three players. Each player alternates playing the colored ball on each hole. Player 1 plays colored ball first, player 2 plays colored ball on next hole, etc...
    4. In the square. Team's score is based on player in the 'squares' ball and 1 net best ball of other three players. Player 1 is in the square for first 2 holes, player 2 for next 2 hole, player 3 for next 2 holes, etc. For holes 9 and 18 no player is in the square and a simple 2 net best ball is done.
    5. Low net and high net ball. Teams score is based on low net ball and high net ball on each hole.
    6. Best ball mix. Teams score is based on 1 net best ball from holes 1 to 9, 2 net best ball for holes 10 to 17, and 3 best net balls for hole 18.
    7. Best ball on odd or even holes.
    8. Pros ball and amateurs best ball. Team score is based on the pro's score (player 1 on the team) and the 1 gross best ball of the 3 amateurs.
    9. Etc... build custom templates to show any type of results you wish!
  • Reports can be customized to extract only the information you need. Reports can be sorted in any order. Select golfers to print by any criteria. The layout of each report is controlled by you -- Margins, page length, page width, report header, report title, report date, spacing, etc. Reports can be printed in any size, font, or style. Print reports in portrait or landscape mode.
  • EXPORT into PDF format, HTML, or CSV. CSV is the universal format for transferring data from one program to another.

Handicap System

Integrates seamlessly with the Handicap System .

Other Features

  • Your club logo can appear on web reports and printed reports.
  • Scorecards can have a background image and logo.
  • New cart sign report...with background image and logo.
  • You can now add documents, photos, and links to your group’s website.
    They can be either private (login required) or public (anyone can view).
  • Allows for up to 24 administrators.
  • An easy to use "Import Wizard" lets you import golfers from other software/services.
  • Selectable views lets you show different items in any order you wish on the main screen.
  • Data stored on the internet and automatically protected from loss.
  • Option to export scores for import into other 3rd party handicap software or services.

Golfers can...

Access their tournament information at any time from any where. Furthermore, many clubs give their members the option to signup, post scores, and maintain their information from any computer or mobile device (phone, ipad, tablet, etc).

Your golfers can ...

  • view their information
  • signup for tournaments
  • print out their score card
  • post scores for themselves, or any number of golfers in their playing group.
  • see live leaderboards from mobile devices and computers
  • update personal information online
  • view other golfer's contact information
  • make teetime reservations, view golf rules, golf news, tips, weather, and more...

How Does It Work?

1. Golfers go to your group's tournament website using their browser.
Tournament Manager websites
You can customize this page (color scheme, page text, etc).
2. Golfers can also access your group's tournament website using the free app.
Tournament Manager Android app
Tournament Manager Apple app
3. Golfers go to your club's website. (You can place a login panel or button on your site.)
Tournament Manager login panel

What else


Free unlimited, friendly coaching and customer support. Tournament Manager is easy to use, so most customers never require help. But if you need help or advice don't hesitate to call, email, or submit a help ticket. We are here to help.


Any device that can connect to the internet.

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