League Manager FAQ

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions about League Manager.


Q: Can League Manager post information to the web?

A: The legacy desktop version does not come with a website...but the current online version does. See League Manager online. It provides a turnkey solution for placing all your organization's pertinent information on the web.

Q: My league already has a website, can I post information to it?
A: YES! Many leagues post reports (schedule, standings, results, membership lists, handicap sheets, etc...) on their websites. Any report or view in League Manager can be exported as HTML (web page) files to be posted on your website.


Q: Do I have to pay a yearly fee to use League Manager Legacy Edition?
A: NO annual fees. Some of our competitors charge a yearly fee to use their league software...but not us...League Manager Legacy Edition runs forever with NO annual fees. There are some optional features that are available with subscription.


Q: My league plays 3 or more separate courses, can League Manager handle this?
A: YES! There is no limit to the number of courses your league can play. We have many traveling leagues that play a different course each week, and some large leagues even play across multiple courses in the same event.



Q: My league plays the front and back of an 18 hole course each event. Can League Manager do this?
A: YES! With League Manager, your league can play any number of 9 hole courses (for 9 hole leagues) and 18 hole courses (for 18 hole leagues) in any event. League Manager can also automatically build a schedule so that each team/golfer will play the front and back an equal number of times during the season.



Q: How many leagues can League Manager run?
A: League Manager can run any number of golf leagues.



Q: My league has both individual and team standings. Can League Manager do this?
A: YES! League Manager can track individual and team standings at the same time. In fact, you can have up to 26 individual flights in a league, with up to 6 divisions in a league (both baseball and football style), and League Manager can even run multiple leagues at the same time.



Q: I don't want to enter hole-by-hole scores. Can I just enter scores and points?
A: YES! You don't have to enter scores hole-by-hole, you can enter only total scores if you want.



Q: My league plays against the course, not other players/teams. Can League Manager handle this?
A: YES! You can award points for playing against the course or field. In fact, you are not even required to award points. Some leagues do not use points at all - they rank their players by best net score, gross score, etc.



Q: Can League Manager handle a split season?
A: YES! Your league can have any number of splits during the season.



Q: Does League Manager set up a schedule for the league?
A: YES! League Manager makes sure that there are no repeat matches between teams/individuals, rotates courses, sets tee times, and dates. You can even have position nights and tournaments.



Q: Can League Manager do handicapping the way we want?
A: YES! League Manager can do ANY type of handicapping - set it up any way you wish.



Q: Can League Manager calculate points the way we currently play?
A: Most likely it can. We have thousands of leagues that use League Manager. Each league handles point awards differently. League Manager allows you to award points in many different ways: hole-by-hole, medal, match, player vs. player, team vs. team, player vs. the course, player vs. the field, team vs. the field, best ball, ranking, Stableford, cross match...even points for showing up. Plus you can even award points "manually" for any possible situation. If you don't think League Manager can handle points the way your league currently plays, please call (919-460-7424) or email (info@golfsoftware.com).



Q: Can reports be customized?
A: YES! Reports can be customized. The demo only shows a few of the reports, but League Manager provides a wide range of reports. Choose from any of the dozens of "standard" reports, or create your own custom report(s) to show whatever you wish. Any report can be exported to Microsoft Excel, if needed. You can even create custom views that let you see exactly what you wish on the main screen. League Manager is very flexible. But don't let all these "custom" capabilities overwhelm you. Most customers never need to create custom reports or views - they simply use the predefined reports and views that best fit their league's requirements.



Q: League Manager is so full of features, is it complicated to use?
A: NO! League Manager is intuitive to use so most customers never need help, but if you do, help is provided which gives step-by-step instructions for setting up your league. There is also a tutorial which quickly gets you up and running. Plus, League Manager's help system includes video tutorials so you can see a video that shows an actual example of how to perform the specific tasks. What could be easier? Also, if you need one-on-one help, email or call support (919-460-1628) and we will help you get going in a few minutes. After your league is set up, just enter scores and print reports. League Manager does everything automatically.



Q: How long has GolfSoftware.com been in business?
A: We've been in business since 1988, and are dedicated to providing the best, easiest to use golf software anywhere.