Run a golf dogfight or quota league with League Manager

What is a dogfight or quota league?

It is a league that uses Stableford points for scoring. Each player earns points and tries to beat his/her quota (target or goal). The golfer with the most points in excess of their quota wins. Furthermore many leagues translate wins/losses into "Merit" points to track season standings.

A quota is a number based on a player's past points performance. Players are awarded points for each hole. If your quota is 12 and your point total for a round is 14, you are a +2 (12-14 = +2) for the round. The player with the highest Plus/Minus for the round is the winner.

Competition is fair because the better your score, the higher your quota, and the more difficult it is to beat the next time. On the flip side, the worse your score, the lower your quota, and the easier it is to beat the next time. Many golfers prefer to play in quota leagues because of the fast pace of play. If you are not holed in at a specified max score, you pick up and go the next hole, because no points can be won. It is also easy to establish a quota and understand how it is calculated.

What is Stableford points scoring?

Stableford points are awarded based on the golfer’s score on a hole. The score is compared to par. Your league can use the "Standard Stableford", "Modified Stableford", or customize the points ANY way you wish.

Score on hole Points Points Points
Double Eagle 5 8 ?
Eagle 4 5 ?
Birdie 3 2 ?
Par 2 0 ?
Bogey 1 -1 ?
Double Bogey 0 -3 ?
Triple Bogey 0 -3 ?
Quadruple Bogey 0 -3 ?


How is a quota calculated?

There are two ways to calculate a quota.

  1. Adjust a golfer’s quota based on how far above or below the quota they were in the last round played. This is the most prevalent method.
  2. Calculate the quota as an average of previous rounds. Leagues determine how many rounds they want to average and whether to drop any high or low point totals.

League Manager automatically calculates the golfers quotas. League Manager also automatically awards “merit points” based on your performance for the round. How merit points are awarded can be customized by your league.


Whether your group calls your league a dogfight, quota league, target league, quota points game, points handicap league, or something else, League Manager will handle your league.