Which golf handicap calculator will you choose?

What does it require to take on the duties of a golf handicap calculator as handicap chairman or league secretary? The math needed to calculate a golf handicap would not stump most people (although we all could name a few that it might, right?). But it's not the math that will get you. It's the multiple variables that you have to juggle that become a hassle.




Your 3 choices for calculating golf handicaps

  1. Calculate running handicaps by hand - yikes!

  2. Use spreadsheet software to calculate a running handicap - still yikes!

  3. Take advantage of software specifically created as a golf handicap calculator - whew!



Let's say you wanted to manually calculate a USGA Index and course handicap with pencil and paper. What would you need?


  • Each golfer's 20 most recent gross scores with the course rating and slope for each of the scores
  • conversion of each golfers 20 scores into "adjusted gross scores" (after equitable stroke control which depends on golfer's current handicap)
  • a determination of the "best" 10 out of each golfer's most recent - not the best scores, but the 10 best handicap differentials which may or may not be the same as the best scores
  • once you reach this point, apply some averaging, rounding, truncating, multiplication, etc. to arrive at a USGA Index
  • take into account exceptional tournament scores
  • combine two nine-hole rounds into one 18-hole score
  • Use the USGA Index to calculate a course handicap
  • etc.

If you want to know the exact USGA golf handicap calculation, you can see it in plain English for yourself. You'll discover that it's not the math that's troubling. There are just too many actions and items to keep track of to make manual calculation practical. For certain you will be yearning for the simplicity of a computer-based golf handicap calculator.



Most anything that can yield to manual calculation will give you an answer or output more speedily with a computer and spreadsheet software. It is definitely possible. You will need to have expert knowledge of the database functions in your chosen spreadsheet software. Follow the same steps as the manual calculation above. Using a spreadsheet like Excel as your golf handicap calculator would be eased if you had a static 20 scores for one player. However, you won't find much static in maintaining a current handicap. Getting your spreadsheet to use Equitable Stroke Control to derive Adjusted Gross Scores and remembering to keep track of exceptional tournament scores requires more than a casual acquaintance with your spreadsheet software.



GolfSoftware.com's Handicap System can automate everything for you.


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