Results Reports Overview

League Manager includes reports to display results which you can customize by checking and unchecking various options. These reports can be placed manually or automatically on your league website. In addition, they may be saved to your computer as PDF or HTML.


We recommend after you post scores for your first event, that you create the results reports you will want after each event and save it/them as Automatic results reports (a template). Each time you finish and Finalize an event, your Auto-publish reports (see image under Result ranges below) will appear on your league website (

Result types

There are two basic types of results reports:

Result ranges

There are also two ranges that any of the above types of reports cover:

Save options for results

Results reports can be saved in one of two ways:

Your own custom results

You can also create your own reports outside of League Manager in Word, Excel or any other program you have. You can then save it as a PDF or HTML format and upload it (see button in above image) to a specific Event tab or the Season tab (see "Closest to the Pin" in the above image listed as "Document"). Lastly, you also can add a link to a specific Event tab or the Season tab. You could create or edit reports in a program such as Google Sheets and then add the sheet's link to the Event tab or the Season tab.