Simple pricing


per golfer
$ Minimum purchase is 12 golfers


Can the league administrator(s) pay the $8 for each golfer?

Yes. The administrator(s) can pay the $8 for each golfer in the league. This is how most leagues make payment.

Note:  Payment for a golfer is not required until a golfer actually posts a score. This allows you to pay only when you know the actual number of golfers that will participate in the league.

Can players pay the $8 themselves?

Yes. Click to send a "League dues" email to your players. They click the "Make payment" link, and pay with credit or debit card.

Is the $8 for one year?

Yes. Golfers can play for one year.

We have substitutes, do they pay to join the league?

No and Yes.

No...If a substitute doesn't want to pay $8 to join the league for the year, then you can use the "Ghost" substitute to record his/her scores. A ghost behaves just like a regular sub, but does not track a handicap, personal statistics, individual standings, etc. This is a good option for a sub that may appear just once or twice a year.

Yes...if you need to calculate the sub's handicaps, stats, individual standings, etc...then he/she is considered a member of the league and pays $8 to join.

Can I collect league dues from golfers?

Yes. You can collect league dues from your golfers using debit or credit cards.

If a regular golfer drops out of the league, does the replacement pay $8 to join the league?

No. The replacement golfer simply replaces the "dropped" golfer and "inherits" his spot.

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