What's new in League Manager

League Manager contains all the features found in our legacy Windows software... plus, time saving features available only in an online system:
  • An easy to use, custom website for all your league needs!
  • Access any where, any time, from any device...including phones.
  • Multiple administrators.
  • Live scoring option. (Post scores while you play!)
  • Instant results on your website.
We are actively adding enhancements!
If you find League Manager is missing something you need, contact us.

February 2020

  • Your golfers can play on any course in the WORLD.

January 2020

  • Option to use the 2020 "Equitable Stroke Control" system...net double bogey.
  • Option to report handicaps to 2 decimal places.

May 2019

  • Option to insert a line on schedule that says anything you want...Holiday, Rainout, Banquet, etc...
  • Sort and Filter settings are now displayed on the bottom of any report/results you issue.

April 2019

  • Website automatically shows "How is handicap calculated for golfers" report, even if league has not started. Report uses practice/history scores.
  • (Available to "individual" leagues). Option to show player's names on schedule instead of team numbers.
  • For leagues that play against the course or field...(NO match play), schedule shows who you are playing "with" instead of "against".
  • Ability to set a start time/hole for up to 10 divisions. (Use to be 6 division maximum).

March 2019

  • Option to let golfers record scores for ANY other golfers in the league, not just the ones playing with.
  • Option to show Event, Season, and Total statistics. Show stats for gross, net, points, eagles, birdies, pars, putts, fairways, green, and more... Plus allows a click on player's name to drill down to all player's stats.
  • You can now "work" on another league while golfers view the "active" league on the website.
  • Option to copy league players to the "Online" Tournament Manager service.

February 2019

  • League Manager now runs Quota point leagues!
    Some leagues call a quota league, a dogfight, target, or point handicap league.
  • Golfers can now post fairways, greens, and putts.
  • Upload any documents you wish to the season and event results page.
    Documents can be public (anyone can view) or private (must be signed in to view).
  • Place any links you wish on the season and event results page.
    Links can be public (anyone can view) or private (must be signed in to view).
  • Option to NOT allow golfers to signup for the league on the website.
  • Option to export golfers to a file.
  • Option to export scores to a file.
  • Allows up to 99 players per team (maximum players per team was 12).

January 2019

  • You can print PDF files to paper from the apple and android app.
  • New "quick card entry", for administrators that post scores.
  • Master menu for groups that run multiple leagues.

October 2018

  • Option to collect golfer's dues using credit or debit cards.
  • New "Detail" menu lets you see all options in League Manager on one screen.
  • Option to change the course/tee while posting scores.
  • Golfers can see exactly (step by step) how any handicap was calculated.
  • Option to copy schedule from one league to another.
  • Option to "Re-finalized" many events with one click.

July 2018

  • New app for Android and iPhone.
  • Option to put individual leagues (1 man teams) into 4-somes on scorecard.
  • Option to show pairings on website by start time and start hole.
  • Golfer can view all score cards, not just their own.
  • Golfer has option to post scores for teammates and opponents.
  • Posted scores are displayed on scorecards. Ghost scores and forfeits can also be displayed.
  • Golfers can see posted scores for any golfers, during and after play, even before the event is finalized.