Golf handicap app for your players

Handicap System includes a mobile friendly golf handicap app that gives your players the information they want, when they want it, on their device of choice.

Android app
Apple app

Post scores online

Post scores online using smartphones (while you play), tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktops. Relieves the handicap chairperson or other group managers of score posting duties.

Look up scores

Golfers can look up other golfers' scores. Look up a specific golfer or find a list of all your group's golfers. Allows players and administrators to spot score posting errors or irregular scores.

Handicap lookup

You have fingertip access to find what handicap to use for the set of tees and course you are playing. No waiting for the handicap chairman to call back or having to calculate your course handicap. Just do a handicap lookup via our golf handicap app for your foursome.

Large course database

Easily find your course by name, city, state or country. Course address, phone number and map included. Post scores to the course and tees you play.

Course search box

View handicap card

View your handicap card at anytime. Handicap card includes your name, handicap, last twenty scores with asterisks marking those used to calculate your handicap and the last revision date.

Review handicap calculation

Tap over to desktop golf handicap app to review how your handicap was calculated. Shows which scores were actually used out of the most recent (up to) 20 scores. Walks you through calculation steps.