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WebsiteBuilder: A Full-Featured Golf Website Designer

Website Builder can help you build a great-looking website in no time.

Templates for golf leagues, clubs, and tournaments get your site started fast.

The Best in Golf Group Websites

Website Builder is's latest tool for creating great-looking golf websites. If you are a golf course, golf league, golf tournament, or any type of golf organization...Website Builder is the creation tool for you. Choose one of the predefined starting templates and off you go. Your site is completely customizable..add, edit content at anytime. Need a big site? No problem, multiple people can administer your website. Plus it is totally web-based. Requires no installation. You always have the latest version.


Website Builder


Website Builder is automatically included with online services.
Optional for legacy editions.
Or use stand alone.

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Website Builder Demo Video

Website Builder 4-Minute Demo Video
A 4 minute overview of Website Builder

Website Builder Demo Video



WebsiteBuilder Overview

Website Builder is the first tool to give you easy access to golf group reports from's best-selling software as well as the ability to build high-quality sites with dynamic content and even online signup capabilities.



Take a look at some of the features you get with Website Builder. Some or all of these features are available depending on the subscription package you choose.


  • Display web pages created by any program
  • Insert logo for all pages instantly
  • Create links to other website or pages on other website
  • More than one person updating simultaneously
  • Place PDF, text, and Word documents on the site
  • Change color theme for all pages instantly
  • Change font for all pages instantly
  • Change header for all pages instantly
  • Change footer for all pages instantly
  • Choose website template at start to rapidly build targeted content website
  • Quickly create your own pages using layout templates
  • Custom resizable, movable content boxes for page layout
  • Pre-formatted FAQ page
  • Levels of indented sub-menu labels
  • Menu sections for organizing menu
  • Variable width menu
  • Collapsing menu
  • Photo Album page - captions
  • Photo Gallery page - captions & descriptions
  • Photo thumbnails with enlarging
  • Dozens of licensed golf images ready for your site
  • Reduce photo/image file size automatically
  • Integrates with Signup Solutions for Online registration and signup forms.
  • Delete multiple web pages at once
  • Upload multiple files (html, jpg, etc.) at once
  • Automatic content (golf news, golf tips, golf quotes, golf products store, etc.)
  • Weather with local golf guide for your area
  • Password protected web pages
  • Online survey/poll
  • Spelling checker
  • Integrates with Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Groups, and Google Blogger
  • Easily integrate Google Picasa photos, photo albums, slide shows
  • Easily integrate Google YouTube videos

Wow, that's a lot of stuff!


Letter from the President

If you haven't yet seen our video demo of Website Builder, (click here to view it now). You'll find this is the best golf website creation tool out today. I guarantee it! Try any of our golf software programs and compare them to our competition. I'm positive you'll be delighted. If not, we'll refund the last month's subscription price. We have an unconditional money back guarantee.

Order online, or call 1-919-460-7424 to order by phone.


Chuck Fain