A Few of Our Many Testimonials

...your response time and customer service has got to be the best out there...thanks so much for your help...Lot's of positive comments about the webpage from the membership--should have done this a lot sooner...the appearance of the finished product belies the ability necessary to create it. Can't even imagine what went into designing the software. "If I can do it anybody can do it" is overused but gotta tell you, "I did it therefore anybody can do it". Went from "dunbass secretary" to "computer whiz" in less than 20 minutes. Anybody that runs a league can't do without this deal. Thanks for the product and mostly THANKS for your patience...
  - James Bretz, Blue Springs, MO

Handicap System is the most accurate system on the market. I have tried many other systems and this is the easiest to use.
  - Marty Brand, Arlington Heights, IL

Easy to use, and well thought out software, I'd recommend it to any organization. Simple to use, but has more than adequate detail and precision to run a small to very large golf organization.
  - Dick White, Triple Cities Seniors Golf Assoc, Vestal, NY

Prior to using the Handicap System and Tournament Manager programs, we had a much more expensive program. These programs are so much easier to use, more versatile, and more satisfying in all respects. We have considered going online with a service and rejected it because these programs give us immediate and full control over our local tournaments, which is impossible with an outside service. The cost of these programs is very reasonable and you won't find a better Company to work with any where.
  - W. Curtis Gray, OTOW Golf Association, Ocala, FL

The ease of usage and most versatile handicap software we have ever used.
  - Bill Taitague, Handicap Chairman, Chamorro Golf Club Association, Guam

This system is extremely user friendly. Our members have no difficulty entering scores in the Easy Entry system. Calculating and running handicaps is very easy.
  - Trish Gaines, The Country Club of Salem, Oaklyn, NJ

The best system I have ever used and would recommend to any one responsible for a large group. I have reviewed and used several systems over the last few years and this is the best. It is so much better than the old DOS based system I used for years everything about it is the "best". I can do the whole operation, reports, etc., in a fraction of the time as before. After a little practice I am now able to bring up the golfers name, enter everything from the card and not even have to glance at the screen.
  - John Vinson, Clear Creek Golf Course, Houston, TX

Great and easy to use software. Our club was able to upgrade member's handicaps in just a short time. We were able to do away with the company that used to get and compute indexes for the club.
  - Julian Confesor, Architects Golf Club, Pag-asa Quezon City, PHILIPPINES

Our club has used the GolfSoftware.com Handicap and Tournament programs for 5 years. The company has responded favorably to our suggestions. It is nice to see new features that are tailored to individual club needs. Looking forward to the newest release.
  - Barry Reid, Westfield Golf and Country Club, New Brunswick, Canada

The handicapping and tournament management software has greatly reduced sandbagging and also allowed our club to easily administer a variety of different games and events. As a result, our membership has nearly doubled in the four years we've been using these systems.
  - Ryan Kelly, Bonneville Men's Assoc, Salt Lake City, UT

It has eliminated arguments about the formula used in calculating the handicaps.
  - Glenn Gossage, Greenwood, IN

I use the Golf Handicap System to keep track of our ladies league. It is easy to set up, use and generate reports. Since using this handicap system our handicaps are posted on a monthly basis and all are pleased to be able to see their progress.
  - Susan Doolittle, Glass Hill Golf Club, Central New York Ladies 9 Hole District, Barneveld, NY

The Handicap System is a very easy system to use in monitoring and updating handicaps. We would recommend this system to any Golf Course, League or Organization in Canada or the USA that requires the recording and updating of handicaps.
  - Larry Yanick, Sunnyside Mon Night Men's League, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

The integration between Handicap System and Tournament Manager is quite smooth and very user friendly. Miscues are easily corrected without having to input any additional information. The best we have ever used.
  - Lawrence Arundel, Broadmoor Golf Club, Shreveport, LA

It is easy to use, very intuitive. No need for manuals. We are a new club with no real estate, composed of 28 Filipino-American avid golfers in Phoenix. We have been using Handicap System for 3 months now and I was surprise lately to see the golf course we normally play also uses the Handicap System and Tournament Manager for the Mens Club. My colleagues were impressed by my recommendation (as handicap hairman) to use Handicap System and Tournament Manager to run our club. We do not have to pay yearly dues to other organization to maintain our handicaps.
  - Ruben Reventar, Mesa, AZ

Excellent program - easy to administer all aspects from roster setup to player entry.
  - Art Jones, Cloverdale, IN

Makes my life real easy and gives me the reports to show others WHY did my handicap drop?
  - Bob Andersen, Tidewater Carolina Seniors, New Bern, NC

I started using your system in DOS. Today's system, after many excellent revisions, is a far cry from the original product. I commend your research and development department for coming up with so many improvements that even an average computer operator can use it.
  - Henry DeLong, Woburn, MA

It is a good, nice stable software and we never lose data.
  - Norm Howells, St. Bernard Church, Bellavista, AR

Handicap System covers all handicap requirements of the USGA and many options for customizing requirements to your specific league. I've been a customer for approximately 10 years and never had any doubts about weather or not I would be satisfied with my purchases. Handicap System is easy to understand and use, I receive quick responses to customer service inquiries, and find all their people pleasant to deal with over the phone. Thanks for the opportunity to offer my "2 cents".
  - Hank Bankowski, Enfield, CT

I am very pleased with the program. It allows me to manage the handicaps of my club quickly and easily.
  - Adam Vakiener, Douglas, GA

I really like the system and it is easy to use. It really exceeded my expectations. The support desk help is really outstanding.
  - Vincent A. Brooks, Handicap Chair, Great Eagles Golf Club, Hyattsville, MD

It is fast and easy to use once you have your members set up in the system.
  - Walt Schmick, Littleton, CO

Your GolfSoftware.com is a great program for calculating handicaps, organizing outings, and keeping records. I am responsible for maintaining handicaps for a small golf club (Cheltenham Golf Association). We have approximately twenty members and play eight rounds a year at various courses around Philadelphia. With your program, I can update handicaps in a matter of minutes. If I were to attempt to calculate these by hand, it would take hours. Also, the program offers several formats for printing handicap sheets for the next round, which is a nice feature. Since we only play eight times a year, our club is trying a new handicapping format this year. Your program allows anyone to easily modify the handicapping formula to meet their specific needs.
  - Scott S. Forrester, Shelterham, PA

This is a very easy program to use and can supply all the data any club could want, we are very satisfied with the results.
  - Jack Fieber, Brookridge Country Club, Brooksville, FL

Users of your program by the Khedive Golf Club members, find it to be simple, accurate and complete.
  - Dick Johnson, Khedive Golf Club, Norfolk, VA

Like the ease of use within the windows like system and the ability to customize reports. I chose yours because of the ultimate ease of use.
  - Earl Chinn, Silver Spring, MD

My fellow golfers are amazed at how smart I am about handicaps and my ability to calculate them. Sometimes I tell them that it's really your software that does it and sometimes I don't.
  - Jim Lovell, Oyster Bay Wednesday Men's Golf Club, Woodbury, NY

I found the system intuitively easy to grasp, and I really like the custom report forms.
  - Jim Robertson, Wooster, OH

This being our first year of existence, Handicap System made it very easy to input data and scores and establish handicaps. The ease of Handicap System made it one less thing to worry about as we moved through our first year. Thank you for a great and easy to use system.
  - Bob Thomas, The Haverford School Golf Club, Haverford, PA

Prior to the handicap system I was spending a lot of time calculating handicaps by hand. Even though we used the 5 out of 10 system, it was still time consuming. With the handicap system it only takes me about 5 minutes to get all of the information entered, before I hit the calculate key (another second). I am using the extra time to go to the driving range. Since I have been printing the computerized sheet no one is questioning my math anymore.
  - Ron Mitchell, Phoenix, AZ

I really enjoy the software. We have a small "club-without-real-estate" and this software suits our needs nearly perfectly. I really enjoy it.
  - Marble City Golf Club

Saves me lots of time. A very good program and easy to use. Glad our club uses it.
  - George Hahn, 750 Golf Club, Mililani Town, Hawaii

Excellent system, reasonably priced, straight forward and simple to use.
  - Dave Errity, Head Golf Professional, The River Club Golf Course

Easy and affordable. All our club dues were going to pay for a statewide handicapping group. We bought the software and pay $5.00 a year for our handicapping. That pays the handicap chairperson and all our supplies and updates. We have been very pleased with the system. The statewide system is now at over $25.00 a year. Thanks!
  - Connie Borders, Cascade Ladies Golf Group, Bloomington, IN

The ease of entry of scores, especially when entering all the scores for a single day. I can enter my entire 20 man league in about 2 minutes. I know that Handicap Manager has made it very easy for me to maintain accurate league handicaps.
  - Ed Salem, Strongsville, OH

Harbor Park is a new user to your software. We had been using a non-commercial version that was very limited in the reports it could generate. We are pleased at the ease with which we can enter scores and the number of reports that we can now generate with our new software.
  - Lowell Hardison, Harbor Park Mens Golf Club, Torrance, CA

We have found the the Handicap System we purchased from GolfSoftware.com meet or exceeds all our needs and expectations. Used in conjunction with the Tournament System it is exactly what we were looking for to handle our weekly Men's and Ladies Leagues. It has reduced the time required to produce results and has raised the members level of confidence that results are being computed fairly and consistantly the same.
  - Harry Rooksby, Cardiff Mens Golf League, Morinville, Alberta, Canada

We have a 9 hole Tournament only club with 150+ members, playing 9 holes- 3 afternoons a week (after work)at three different courses, using your program has made it very easy to establish a fair handicapping system. Handicap maintenance (data entry) is a simple task, and with the custom reports allowing more than one course it been a simple task to communicate the handicaps to everyone.
  - Rick Reimer (Handicap Chairman), Beckman Golf Association, Riverside, CA

This has been the easiest and fastest program I have used to keep the handicaps for my groups.
  - Lloyd Maple, Englewood, CO

Very easy to use...lots of great reports.
  - Steve Nida, Elks Country Club, Elkins, WV

Every golf player must have it to assist in search of excellence
  - Golf Club des Yvelines, La Queue, France

The system is very easy to use, great flexability in the Custom Handicap setup which allows modification to the USGA procedures.
  - Frank Opatik, Wausau Area Golf Association, Wausau, WI

It is so easy to use......It's the first time this league used Handicaps and all are real pleased. I was going to do it the old fashioned way.......by hand and my calculator. But my husband told me to get this program. I'm so glad I did.
  - Elly Argel, Shelton, CT

It is my job to track the handicaps for 125 golfers in our league. The Handicap System gave me information and a format to display it that our members could find easy to follow. The program is very user friendly and the technical back-up first class. We incorporated the easy entry system to work hand in hand with the Handicap System system - it worked perfectly. I have no problem recommending the Handicap System.
  - Gord Barnes, Ontario, Canada

We couldn't be happier with the performance of both the Handicap and the Tournament package. It does things we never even dreamed of.
  - Linda Brown, Secretary, Highland Lakes Ladies Golf League

I have use the program for 8 - 10 years with no problems. Anytime I've called or emailed for help the response was prompt and helpful. Keep up the good work.
  - Richard Henderson, Rockford Area Men's Golf Association, Belvidere, IL

It is user friendly and has the capability to single out a player if data needs to be verified for any reason. The easy access of viewing and entering is a big positive compared to some database systems I've seen. I always had guys asking me to check themselves or somebody else. The way the data is displayed makes this an easy task.
  - Richard Salmon,Pitman, NJ

Been using it for years and it's a very reliable and easy system to use.
  - Charles Lukenas, Pittsburgh PA

Easy to use - definitely makes our Club Without Real Estate a reality as far as handicapping.
  - Southern Tier Amateur Golf Club

We were using another handicap software that was used for years. After installing your software and calculating handicaps, we discovered the previous software we used was incorrect on handicaps. It did not offer the flexibility to use different course tee ratings and slopes as easy as your software. Our members grumbled initially because their handicaps changed -but they now understand and appreciate having their handicaps be correct and according to strict USGA standards.
  - Mike Plumlee, Treeline Golf Course, Tomball, TX

It's the best system I have seen for keeping track of handicaps. Very versatile when dealing with different groups of players
  - Manny Rivers, Lo Caps, Sun City West, AZ

I have tried a lot of other handicap systems and this is bar far the best. I have been using this for years and would and have recommended this software to anyone. Thanks again for a great product.
  - Paul Attanasio, Howard Beach, NY

Since the group that I keep handicaps for are not members of any club, we now have the ability to have an "official handicap" calculated by the USGA rules. This puts us on an even playing field when playing other golfers that are members of clubs. We all have a true handicap to make whatever game we're playing fair. It also gives us the ability to turn in a true handicap when playing in tournaments.
  - Hill Muse, Mackson Inc, Rock Hill, SC

I can testify that this is an excellent Program to calculate handicaps. Many of the golfers on our League are grateful that they don't have to calculate and enter their scores manually. I am very grateful for all the help I have received from Technical Support. Once we purchased the software, we continued to receive excellent service and attention. Thank you very much indeed.
  - Lilian Lee, Roseland 9-Hole Ladies' Golf League, Ontario, Canada

I tried a lot of demos for handicaping. and yours offered the most for the money.
  - Sam Colarosa, Mansfield, OH

The customer support from the Golf Software group is second to none. I would recommend this software to anyone that tracks handicaps.
  - David Floyd, Boeing Employee Golf Association, Gurley, AL

I think that any time I have had any problems I have gotten great support and this means a lot when you are not real sure of yourself. I have never called when I wasn't satisfied when I got off the phone.
  - Frank Anderson, South Mississippi Seniors Golf Association, Pass Christian, MS

The Handicap Management System is easy to use and provides me with all the information I need. As the manager of a Golf Club, I couldn't ask for anything more from a Golf Management System.
  - M. Paul, Club Golfzilla, Arlington, VA

A well organized, very complete, and easy to use Golf Management System that has kept up with the times. Have used it since version 1.0 and recommend it for any size group. We have 260 in the handicap roster and 175 on the pairing roster.
  - P. Perkins, Water Oaks Golf Club, Lady Lake, FL

The thing I like best about the Handicap Management System is the user friendly features for the score input. I don't have to memorize the golfer's ID#, like you do with FOCUS 2000's software. Just type his last name and the search feature will take me right to the record I want, with just a few keystrokes. The key pad can be used exclusively for score input, and although I'm not an accomplished typist, I can input data very quickly.
  - R. Lyle, Ocala, FL

This handicap program is tops!
  - F. Pike, Champion International Golf Club, Cantonment, FL

I investigated at least four possible golf management systems. Software Systems Co. was the only one that offered to customize the program to meet my needs.
  - D. Carlton, Columbus OH

It suits my needs perfectly - I maintain handicaps for several groups - couldn't be more satisfied.
  - L. Broering, Ft. Wright KY

Easy to use! Handicap System saves me at least 15-20 hours each month!
  - R. Payne, Durham, NC

I have tried the rest and GolfSoftware.com Handicap System is the best. Comprehensible, easy, and fast to use. Seldom lets you make a mistake.
  - P. Cutchen, Milton, FL