League Manager Testimonials

"For the past 9 years I have been using the Golf Software [League Manager] program and it has served me well. Our league secretary left the league and showed me how to use your program. It was a learning curve for me at the age of 58, but I managed to work my way through it. It is a well thought out program with a real simple to follow tutorial. I still have not learned everything about it and I know there're many more things that I could use when I need them. As for the staff at Golf Software, I find they are easy to work with and are very knowledgeable when it comes to needing help. I have recommended your system to other leagues and I hope they have contacted you for your program. Many thanks."

    - John Fouracre - Northboro, MA

"Thank you so much for all your help....This software is everything we expected and more...Huge change from what we were using..."

    - Jim Mirise - Fishers, IN

"Last year's secretary spent 5 to 6 hours a week preparing all the necessary reports. It takes me 45 minutes max and I produce more reports. Everybody really likes your system."

    - Clare Rothi - Kalamazoo, MI

"This is a great program. Saves a lot of time."

    - Ronald Hodges - Pawnee City, NE

"I was able to have reports available within a few hours after league was over. The league members were excited about the stats I was able to provide them."

    - David T. Cornish - Lawton, MI

"I would not have volunteered to run the leagues if it wasn't for this software--saved a lot of time!"

    - E. McKinley - Santa Barbara, CA

"Extremely easy to use and enter data. Reduces record keeping to about 1/4 of the time. The point calculation function is very flexible and allows for many scoring methods. Best point system on the market."

    - Robert F. Uibel - Willingboro, NJ

"Ease of use, priced for value, accurate record keeping, makes a handicapper's job easy."

    - Roy LaCroix - West Warwick, RI

"This program is great for people managing leagues. Once the initial data about golfers and courses is loaded, the weekly workload is minimal. So many stats are taken care of easily, it really saves time."

    - Joel Gannon - Wolverine Lake, MI

"You enter the scores, the program does the rest. Great system."

    - Gary Olson - Milan, IL

"Very accurate, neat printouts, good backup procedure, great end of year results and weekly results are great."

    - J. Malone-Albany, NY

"A very comprehensive, easy to use program. A must for all league managers."

    - David Scott - Walkerton, IN

"I am a woman! Doing men's leagues and not one (1) complaint this year!"

    - Dottie M. Provost - Lake Linden, MI

"I can't believe how easy your program is to use. It saves me a couple hours doing the stats. It's correct and the chance for error isn't there. Glad I found this program. I tried other programs, but they didn't work. This one is great."

    - Russell J. Huffman - Mundelein, IL

"We have been using the league manager for the past 4 years and it has greatly helped me as league secretary. It worked well when we switched from team competition to stableford format. I actually look forward to sitting down each week and using this software. I wouldn't volunteer to be league secretary without it!"

    - Tammi L. Cotter - St Marys, PA

"Greatest program around. I tell everyone about it. I run two leagues, one with 96 golfers and one with 64 golfers and 30 subs - love it!"

    - Roger A. Cazel - Kaukaska, MI

"I now enter scores, print reports and scorecards in 20 to 25 minutes. Used to take 3 to 3 1/2 hours per week. Great!"

    - Larry McLaughlin - Rockville, IN

"Easy operation for keeping league stats and printing of pairing sheets, schedules and score cards."

    - John Potter - Warrensburg, NY

"Allows me to do weekly scores in minutes rather than hours."

    - Randall W. Borree - Appleton, WI

"The program provides easy and automatic updating and advanced scoring and tracking of statistics."

    - Brad Littrell - Friendly Ice Cream

"Great program. Makes the league secretary very easy. Wouldn't be the league secretary without your program."

    - Elmer Drake - Wellington, OH

"Very easy to use. For the league I run (36 people) each weeks report takes 15 minutes total."

    - William Schuhart - Oshkosh, WI

"Its simplicity makes our league easy to operate with little time invested."

    - Ron Winkler - Rockford, IL

"I'm secretary for the league and the girls love getting the weekly sheet of stats etc, but they especially enjoy the seasonal stats and keep them from year to year."

    - Loretta Baumgartner - Fairview, MI

"The entire league membership is very pleased with the information provided and it keeps their interest higher in their progress. Sure ends handicap arguments."

    - Ken Fouse - Westmoreland, NY

"I love that it can take care of a variety of golf leagues from simple to complex."

    - Jane McGinn - Mokena, IL

"As a first time user, the technical support was great. No matter how elementary my question, the answers were precise to my needs without talking down to me."

    - Dave Whipple - Children's Hospital Medical Center

"After about 40 minutes to enter and check 64 scores, the results and report can be posted immediately."

    - John A. Ferrari - Elk Rapids, MI

"Our league has grown from 42 to 96 in one year. You can give awards on lots of different things, the software tracks them effortlessly."

    - William E. Coleman - Decatur, AL

"It is a great program for golf leagues, easy to understand and computer handicaps instantly."

    - Thomas L. Donoghue - Waltham, MA

"A very good program. A minimum amount of time to enter weekly program data."

    - Harry Fike - Davenport, IA

"Great program!"

    - MNB Golf League

"Our league has been together (a 12 team league - 2 man teams) for 15 years. Every year at our banquet (at year's end) our members eagerly await the distribution of the final stats. Several of them really study the sheets and use them to improve. Thanks!"

    - Al Lehman - Toledo, OH

"League Manager has reduced the time I spend managing my 72 man league from days to hours. It also allows me to prepare more reports than I ever thought possible."

    - David C. Hill - Pinckney, MI

"It was intuitively easy to use. It was accurate--eliminated disputes. It was fast! I kept track of a 40-player league in less than one hour per week. It made my job as a league statistician very easy."

    - Tom Bogia, Newtown, PA

"It has made my job as Flight Chairman easier. It speeds ups the results process so I can get my league standings out almost immediately."

    - C. Fucinari, Troy, MI

"Great program. It saves me 75% of my time devoted to league management."

    - Chip Acker, Marshfield, WI

"With this program we don't have to beg someone to be league secretary. Also, our team placements are posted immediately after each week is complete. No more waiting!"

    - Sam Fusco, Jr., Liverpool, NY

"For the money, the easiest to use, most comprehensive league manager with a capacity that would handle virtually any size golf league."
    - Paul Hickey, Albany, NY

"I am a died-in-the-wool MacIntosh user, but the quality of this software has made me a dual platform convert."

    - Wade Meyer, Canton, OH

 "A great tool for organizing league information, maintaining league standings throughout the season, and providing an array of statistical data to make the competition most enjoyable for our members."

    - Gordie Mohrman, Littleton, CO

"Any time I had a question, someone was available and extremely knowledgeable and helpful."
    - Gus Maier, Bridgeton, NJ 

"I am secretary for two leagues and also do the paperwork for two other leagues. What used to take most of Saturday morning is now two cups of coffee."

    - Thomas E. Clark, Cedar Springs, MI

"Entering the weekly scorecards for 40 golfers takes approximately 5 minutes. This will be the sixth year for my league. The first year I did the handicaps by hand. The second year I purchased a program that said it would cure my headaches. It was as useless as a 286 computer. League Manager is the last program I'll ever have to buy. I just look forward to the updates for flashier reports and improvements the current users provided. Great program!!"
    - Kip Horn, York, PA

"I keep handicaps and manage three leagues all using GolfSoftware.com. It is the best product I have found. Without it I couldn't manage."
    - Bob Lamberton, Springfield, IL

"This is the fastest and easiest way to do handicaps."
    - Jeff Stair, Shreve, OH

"Our league likes it. We have 28 2-man teams and your program makes it so easy to manage our league."
    - Larry Allen Lyle, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

"Thank you very much! Our league loves this software! I bring my laptop to the course and before everyone leaves they know there hdcp. for the next week, tee time, pairing, what course we play, and any other stat they can think of! We have used it for 4 or 5 years now and can't imagine the league with out it. "
    - Chuck p., Chittenango, NY

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much your technical support means to a customer. This year has been one of those years where I ran into some problems which I thought to be major. With your personable and professional guidance, the problems were continuously handled quickly and without a hitch. I would like to commend you, your company and your product!!! I would highly recommend your program to anyone who handles a golf league. If in the future you would want to use this as a testimonial, I have no problem with that. If anyone has questions about your assistance with problems, I would be more than happy to let them know of the experiences you have taken care of. We will be starting up another league next year and am looking forward to working with you again."

    - Fred Sloyer - Walbridge, OH