Frequently Asked Questions

League Manager

Is it complicated to use?

No. Computer novice is assumed. You will be up and running in minutes.

How do I get League Manager?

  1. Click "Start now" to get League Manager.
  2. We set up your website at ???
  3. Go to your website anytime to administer your league. Optional free apps are also available for phones, pads, and other mobile devices.
    League Manager Android app League Manager Apple app

How do golfers use League Manager?

Golfers can use any type of computer, tablet, pad, or phone app to access the league. You can also give golfers the option to sign up, post scores, make substitutions, view live results while they play, and more...

Is each golfer required to sign up on the website?

No. Golfers can sign up, but are not required to. Administrators can add golfers to the league at any time.

We have the desktop version. Can our league information be transferred to online system?

Yes. Your desktop league can be transferred to the online League Manager.

Can I send emails to league participants?

Yes. You can send an email to one, some, or all of your league members.

Is there a tutorial available to learn the system?

Yes. Includes a "Quick Tutorial", full online help, sample data to "play" with, and phone and email help.


Do you have customers outside the United States?

Yes! We have customers from most countries around the world.

Do you sell or use my list of golfers for advertising purposes?

No. Never.