Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Questions

A: Yes, you can stop a subscription at any time. We maintain your data for 1 year from the stop it will still be there when you start up again. Call or email us if you need distinct start and stop dates for your service.
A: Our 25 golfers per tier pricing system accommodates most groups, with some "wiggle room" for growth, without a price change. You can increase or decrease your tier at any time.
A: If you exceed the number of golfers in your price tier, you will get a prompt to adjust your subscription and allow more golfers.
No, you only pay for active golfers. When you "remove" a golfer from the service they are archived (become "inactive") and no longer count towards the number of golfers you are tracking. Note: Inactive golfers can be re-activated at anytime.
A: No, price is same whether you pay monthly or yearly.
A: Yes you can pay with a check. Only yearly subscriptions can be paid with a check. We do need a credit card for month-to-month billing. However, if you know the start and stop date for your service, we can invoice your organization for the specified time period.
A: We want satisfied customers! If you order and are not happy, you may unsubscribe at any time.

Other Questions

A: No; computer novice is assumed - you'll be up and running in 15 minutes.


  1. Your golfers go to your group's portal address. We automatically give you a portal address.
  2. Already have a website? Simply create a link to the access portal.
Your golfers can access their information from ANY device that connects to the Internet. This includes computers, tablets, pads, smart phones, etc..
A: No. Allowing your golfers to view and update information is completely optional. You can allow no access, viewing access, or viewing and posting access.
A: Yes. We do it for you! All you do is login and your golfers are there!
A: Any information the program tracks can be transferred in. For example, minimal info you would want to transfer into the service would be each golfer's name, gender, and last 20 scores with ratings and slopes. Of course any other items can also be transferred such as address, phone numbers, email, etc.
A: Export into HTML (web page format), PDF (Portable document format), TEXT (Tab delimited format), or Microsoft Excel.
A: You can have up to 24 administrators.
A: Because you are using an online service, you will always have the latest version - no need to upgrade!
A: Yes! We have customers from most countries around the world.
A: System comes with full online help, sample data to "play" with, and phone and email help.
A: Any device that can connect to the internet.