Quick Tutorial
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In this Quick Tutorial You Will Learn How to...

Website Builder

Website Builder is a browser-based website creation tool for your golf group. What this means is that you will use a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) to create your golf group's website. You will need a live Internet connection to use Website Builder.

Look and Feel

There are five main features - in addition to the content which you create - that give your website it's own look and feel.

See how to work with your website's look and feel.

Create a New Web Page

Learn how to create a new web page and edit it.

Which Page is My Home Page?

The Home page is always the first, or top, item on the Navigation Menu to the left. Any page can become the Home page by the act of moving it up to the top of the menu. The Home page is where your players will "land" when they type in the website address for your website.

Upload Golf Reports and Views

Upload any Reports or Views from Handicap System, League Manager and Tournament Manager.

Upload Photos / Images

Photos and images can be used for your website logo, in Photo Album and Photo Gallery pages as well as any of the Blank page templates available in Website Builder. Website Builder allows you to upload .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .png. Learn how to upload image files.

Upload Files

Website Builder allows you to upload .pdf (Portable Document Format by Adobe), .doc (such as Word), .rtf (rich text format), and .txt (plain text) files. Once uploaded, you can link to these files from various page templates.

Create an Index or Sub-Menu Page

You may discover soon after you start building out your website that the Navigation Menu becomes crowded with essential items. You may find the need to categorize some of your Navigation Menu items and put them onto an index page (using the List or Blank). For example, you might have many league event result reports. If you add each event results report to the Navigation Menu, pretty soon these reports will overtake the menu. Instead, you could put a Navigation Menu item called "Event Results" on your menu. On the page called Event Results, you could add a growing list of links to individual event results.