Specify Player Access Settings
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What the players see at their Player Access for Tournament Manager

By selecting one of the tournaments listed in the Golf Group Portal, players access the below-listed items. The administrator must set up the various Player Access Settings for each tournament.


During tournament play

After tournament play

Specify Player Access settings

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click/tap on the Player Access link in the Active Tournament section.

  1. Click/tap on the Details tab and type in the tournament details.

  1. Click/tap on the Sign up tab and check/uncheck box to "Allow players to sign up" and set the Start date and time as well as the Close date and time for signing up. Note the "View sign up log" link on this tab. That log shows who signed up or removed a person.

    What type of sign up?

    If you select "List," your players will see a general list as shown below.

    If you select "Tee time / start hole," your players will see Sign up buttons in specific teams/playing groups as shown below.

  1. Click/tap on the Pairings tab. Select what information you want to show by placing check marks inside the boxes. In the image below, the administrator has chosen to show FlightHandicapTeeTee time, and Start hole.

  1. Click/tap on the Score card tab. Place a check mark inside boxes for the information you want to display. In the Print each player's section, select whether to show Handicap or not. At the bottom there are two boxes for additional text to add to a score card. You can leave those blank or put some information in there.

  2. Click/tap on the Post scores tab. For the purposes of a live leaderboard or to relieve administrators from posting scores, place a check mark in the box to Allow players to post their scores. In addition, enter a Start date and time and a Close date and time.

  3. Click/tap on the Leaderboard tab. Make a selection for No leaderboard or one of the other options from 1a. through 2b.

  4. Click/tap on the Results tab.

  5. Click/tap on the Save button.