Set Tournament Parameters
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Set tournament parameters

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen.

  1. Click/tap on the Manage / Load link in the Tournaments section.

  2. Click/tap on the Load Tournament link for the Tutorial tournament.

  3. Set each of the 16 blue-numbered Tournament Parameters to the appropriate setting.
    For this tutorial, you are running a small 18-hole tournament with 20 golfers, five teams with four golfers per team.  The tournament also has four flights.

    1. Set Rounds to 18 holes
    2. Set Number of rounds to 1 using the drop down menu
    3. Set Number of teams to 5
    4. Set Players per team to 4 ("team" can also refer to "playing groups" - threesomes, foursomes, etc. - rather than teams)
    5. Set Number of flights to 4
    6. Set Default "team name" to Foursome #XX
    7. Set Number of tees men will play to 1
    8. Set Number of tees ladies will play to 1
    9. Set the Date for the tournament by typing over the existing date or click/tap the calendar icon and select a date
    10. Set the Course to play by clicking/tapping the drop down menu. It can be any course in your course library.
    11. Set men to play the White tees
    12. The default Handicap percent(%) allowance of 100 (%) is OK.
    13. Leave Adjust all mens handicap by at 0
    14. Seet men to play the Red tees
    15. The default Handicap percent(%) allowance of 100 (%) is OK.
    16. Leave Adjust all ladies handicap by at 0

  4. Set each of the 5 blue-numbered Handicap Parameters to the desired setting.

  5. If you are playing a Stableford or point quota tournament, set the Point Parameters.

  6. To designate how you want to number the finishing positions, go to the Other Parameters tab.

  7. When you are finished defining the appropriate parameters for your tournament, click/tap on the Save button.


Tournament parameters can be changed at any time.