Set Tee Times
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Set tee times (regular start)

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click/tap on the 3. Manage link in the Active Tournament section.

  1. Click/tap the 3-Bar Menu in the upper right corner of Tournament Manager browser window.

  2. Click/tap the third item from the top: Set tee times...

  3. You have a choice between Shotgun start (Item A) and Regular start (Item B). Place the dot on Regular start (Item B). Set Increment time every x team(s) to 1 (Item C). Set Time increment between teeoffs (Item D) to 07:00 minutes, or whatever your course requires.

  4. Set the start time for the first team to 9:00 AM (Item E above). You can retype the time by clicking/tapping on it, or click/tap the clock and select a time.

  5. Click/tap the Auto Fill (Item F above) button for Team #2 to fill in consecutive times for Team #2 and teams that follow. The Auto fill button starts with the row it resides in and adjusts every row below it. If you choose Shotgun start, then the Auto fill button will automatically fill in holes on its row and rows below it.


The start hole can be split A, B, C, D, etc. For example, a team can start from hole 1A, 1B, 1C, etc.

You can also sort the Tee-Times form for quick auto entry. For example, assume you are running a multi-day tournament and you are viewing day 2. You want the team with the highest net score from round 1 to tee off first and the lowest net to tee off last. Pull up the Tee-Times form (sample above), and click the Sort button.  Sort by Net, High to Low. Now teams are sorted by net high to low. Assign the first team's tee-time and click Auto fill button so that Tournament Manager assigns the rest. The highest net team is assigned the first tee-time down to the lowest net team which is assigned the last tee-time.

Manually setting Tee time and Hole

To manually set the tee-time and start hole simply click/tap on the item and type in the time and start hole for each team. Press the tab key to enter next tee-time or start hole.