Set Start Holes
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Set start holes (shotgun start)

  1. Hover over or tap the logo in the upper left of your screen. Click/tap on the 3. Manage link in the Active Tournament section.

  1. Click/tap the 3-Bar Menu in the upper right corner of Tournament Manager browser window.

  2. Click/tap the third item from the top: Set tee times...

  3. You have a choice between Shotgun start (Item A) and Regular start (Item B). Click/tap on Shotgun start (Item A).

  4. If you have more teams/playing groups than you have holes, set Increment hole every ___ team(s) (Item C) to the appropriate number. Tournament Manager will automatically double up on holes, say, if you have 20 groups on 18 holes.

  5. Enter the initial hole for distributing teams/playing groups across the golf course (Item D).

  6. Click/tap on the Fill down button to automatically fill in the rest of the holes (Item E).

  7. The green arrow (Item F) indicates that in the image above the Fill down button (Item E) has been pressed and the remainder of the holes have followed in sequence from the initial hole (Item D).

  8. Click/tap on the Save button to return to your list of teams.