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Take advantage of the power available in Tournament Manager

Ready to...

...consider these four powerful features in Tournament Manager. Use these "Four powerful features" to...

Don't forget to check out the "bonus powerful feature" at the bottom.

Four powerful features

Online golfer registration, specific results reports, golf scores posted during play and an online Leaderboard mean less work for you, the administrator.

  1. Allow players to register online to specific foursome via their Golf Group Portal

  2. Any time before play begins, select result(s) - such as individual net, team scramble, Stableford, skins, etc. - for which you will want reports. You may want to make a list of these reports for yourself. After all scores have been posted, and the tournament administrator(s) have verified scorecards to their satisfaction, view each report for which you want final results and then click/tap Publish drop down menu. Select "to Player access portal." See Step 5 in "Produce Results Reports" (below image).

  3. Allow players to post scores during play using any device with the Player access portal via the Internet.

    Alternatively the tournament committee could place official score posters around the course who could post scores as players arrive at the score posters' locations.

  4. Select a leaderboard in the Player access portal appropriate for your competition format

Using these four powerful features will allow you to run more seamless tournaments, do less work, and increase the enjoyment factor for both the tournament committee members and the golfers.

Bonus power feature

Once you run a tournament using the four powerful features described above, there is a bonus powerful feature that could save you much time and work: cloning. By cloning a tournament you've already run, you copy everything from the previous tournament including the players. You might need to "un-register" some or all of the players and register others from your roster, but parameters and designations in the player access portal (such as leaderboard and results reports) are all there already in the cloned tournament!