Miscellaneous Fields
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Enter or Edit Your Miscellaneous Field Names


The Miscellaneous Fields are totally optional. Tournament Manager does not depend on these fields to run correctly. They are useful for additional information that your tournament organization may need/want for managing tournaments. Groups use them for a variety of purposes including shirt size, name of significant other, which tee each player plays off of, etc. You can enter information into a Miscellaneous Field for a particular player by clicking on the player name link.

Follow these steps to fill in or edit your Miscellaneous Fields names:

  1. Move your cursor/pointer to hover over over the logo in the top left corner or tap once on the logo to bring up the Main Menu. Select Manage under the Organization section.

  2. Select the Miscellaneous Fields tab.

  3. Change the Description (used for column headers in Views and Reports) to an appropriate short name for the data/information that will be inputted.

  4. Click/tap on the Save button.