Create New Tournament
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Remember, when creating a new tournament, that you choose the report to show the results of your playing format. After you post scores, select your playing format's report to see the results. There is nowhere in the Parameters to designate that a tournament is a scramble, or Stableford, etc. 

If you have played a similar/same format previously in Tournament Manager, you can save time by cloning the previous tournament. All parameters, reports, etc. are copied so you only have to change the players who are participating in the new tournament.

Create New Tournament

Follow these steps to create a new tournament:

  1. Move your cursor/pointer to hover over over the logo in the top left corner or tap once on the logo to bring up the Main Menu. Select Manage / Load from under the Tournaments section.

  2. Click/tap on the green plus icon  to Add tournament.

  3. Fill in the tournament NameDescriptionStart date and click/tap a check mark into the box ("Show in your player's portal") which allows players to sign up for the tournament in the Golf Group Portal.

  4. Click/tap the Save button.