Quick Steps to run a tournament

Below is an outline of the steps required to run a tournament.

  1. Update players to the membership roster.
    Click the tab.
    See Roster Screen in Membership Roster.

  2. Start a new tournament.
    Click the tab.
    See Change Active Tournament.

  3. Set the tournament parameters.
    Click the tab.
    See Tournament Parameters.

  4. Sign up participating players.
    Click the tab.
    See Sign Up Players.

  5. Pair players into teams, set flights, tee-times, etc.
    Click the tab.
    See Using the Tournament Sheet.

  6. Print the scorecards, team pairing reports, etc.
    Click the Reports button.

  7. Play Golf!

  8. (Optional) Post scores for tournament results.
    See Posting Tournament Results.

  9. (Optional) Print Tournament results.
    Click the Reports button.

  10. (Optional) Update the scores to the Handicap System
    See Transferring Data to Handicap System.

Repeat the above steps for each tournament.