Setting Tee-times

The Tee-Times form lets you set tee-times, start holes, and cart numbers for each team.

On the Tools menu, click Set tee-times. The Tee-Times form will appear.

Automatic Options

Choose whether you are running a Shotgun Start (Start on different Holes) or a Regular Start (Start at different Times). If you choose a shotgun start indicate how to automatically increment holes every 1 team, 2 team, etc. If you choose a regular start indicate if you wish to automatically increment the time every 1 team, 2 team, etc. Also select what the time increment between tee-offs will be.

To automatically fill in the tee-times and start holes, type in the first teamís tee-time and start hole and then click the Automatically fill in times for teams below the highlighted one button. TM uses the highlighted teamís start time and hole as a starting point and increments the proceeding team's tee-times and holes accordingly.


The start hole can be split A, B, C, D, etc. For example, a team can start from hole 1A, 1B, 1C, etc.

You can also sort the Tee-Times form for quick auto entry. For example, assume you are running a multi-day tournament and you are viewing day 2. You want the team with the highest net score from round 1 to tee off first and the lowest net to tee off last. Pull up the Tee-Times form (sample above), and click the Sort button.  Sort by Net, High to Low. Now teams are sorted by net high to low. Assign the first team's tee-time and click Automatically fill button so that TM assigns the rest. The highest net team is assigned the first tee-time down to the lowest net team which is assigned the last tee-time.

Manual Options

To manually set the tee-time and start hole simply click on the item and type in the time and start hole for each team. Press the down arrow key to enter next teetime or start hole.

Tip: You can also change team names and cart numbers on the tee-time form. Plus you can also edit any teamís name, sponsor, flight, tee-time, start hole, and cart number by double clicking the team on the Tournament Sheet and typing in the appropriate information.