Selecting and Viewing Trials

After Tournament Manager has built teams (Automatically Build Teams from Tools menu), it automatically loads in the 1st "trial." A trial is one configuration of xsomes (threesome, foursomes, etc.) made up of the available players. Each successive trial or configuration attempts to assure the same players do not play together again. This is the purpose of can pick a group of xsomes that are different than the last time you played. This is especially important if you have the same people participating week after week.

View each trial and select the one that best suits your needs.

You can click the Print button to print all trials to the printer, export to Excel, HTML, etc.

You can select which trial you want to view\use. Click the Select Trial button on the bottom right corner of the tournament sheet and type the trial number you wish to use.


Viewing All Trials

To view all trials, click the All Trials button.  The screen displays all generated trials.

Description of Image Above:

  1. The top line shows the trial number for each column
  2. second line displays the widest group (team or xsome) handicap spread in the trial
  3. third line displays the highest total group handicap
  4. fourth line shows the lowest total group handicap
  5. each box shows the ID# and name of each player in the group
  6. the handicap of each player appears with the total group handicap

You can select whether to hide three items by placing a check in their respective boxes: