Miscellaneous Field Names

You can set up TM to track any information you wish for each player.

On the Setup menu, click Options.

Seventeen miscellaneous fields are provided.

The first five miscellaneous fields (1 to 5) are special in that the value can be different in each tournament. Just like a player can have a “default” handicap in the membership roster and a different handicap in each tournament he\she participates, these 5 fields can have a default value in the Membership Roster and a different value in each tournament.

The other miscellaneous fields (6 to 17) have the same value in all tournaments, just like a player has the same name or phone number in all tournaments.

Name each field anything you like.

Tip: Custom views and custom reports can include any miscellaneous field. Miscellaneous fields 1,2,3,4 and 5 can also appear on several standard reports, including the Signup Sheet, Registration Sheet, Team Pairing Sheet, and Cart Signs.