Transferring golfers from the League Manager System

If you have the League Management System you may want to transfer golfers to the Tournament Management System.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Transfer to\from other modules.

  2. Under the heading League Transfers, click the button Transfer golfers to TM and the transfer box will appear.

  3. If the league to transfer information from does not appear in the box under League to Transfer, click on the Find Source League button. Select the league to transfer information from.

  4. Set the Tournament Manager Roster to transfer players to.  Click on the Find Tournament Roster button.

  5. Set the appropriate transfer parameters.  The following transfer parameters can be set:

    Transfer Substitutes.
    If you check this option, league substitutes will be transferred.  If not checked, only regular players will transfer.

    Convert to 18 hole handicap.
    If you mark this parameter, a nine hole handicap will be doubled to create an eighteen hole handicap.

  6. Click the Transfer Golfers button to transfer data.

Note: If a player does not exist in TM he\she is added to the roster, otherwise the player's information is updated. The transfer utility determines a match by name. If you have two players with the same name, information for each player may not transfer correctly.