Report Header, Fonts, and Style

Most reports give you the option to change the header (info at the top of each page), font (size and type of font), and style (grid lines).

Each report has an option screen that appears before the report is displayed on the screen.  To change Header, Fonts, and Styles click the button...

Report Headers

A report can have up to three lines on its header. Simply type the text you want to appear on the report header or drop the list box and select one of the following items:

You can also check one of the following to appear on the report:


Report Fonts and Styles

You can set font sizes and styles for the Report Header, Column Headers and Report Body. Just click the box to change the font style.

If you wish to display heavy horizontal or vertical lines to separate rows or columns, check the Display Horizontal or Display Vertical Grid Lines check box. You can also display a lighter line between rows by checking the Horizontal separator line between each row. Then select the shade of the line...light gray, gray, or black. 

Tip: Placing light lines between rows on wide reports make them easier to read.  Check the horizontal and vertical grid lines options to make web reports easier to read.