Roster Screen

TM lets you maintain a membership roster of players that participate in your tournaments. This membership roster is global to any number of tournaments you create. In other words, you only enter a player once, but he\she can participate in any number of tournaments.  Players can be added, deleted, or updated at any time.

To view your membership roster, click the tab.  This screen displays a list of players in the active roster.

Note:  If you do not see the same columns in this sample screen, pull down the View menu and click Default View.

This screen consists of several columns.


Importing Players: If you are also using the Handicap System, players can be transferred from HS to TM. Each player's information and handicap will be updated automatically. See Handicap System Transfers for details.

TM also allows you to import your players from other programs. See Importing Golfers from another program for details.

Tip: TM uses the standard Windows keys to select multiple items from a list. Hold down Shift key while clicking to select a range of items from a list. Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking to select multiple individual items. After you have selected the multiple players, click the Edit button or right-click your mouse on a selected player and select Edit.  You can then change a value for all players. For example, you can use this function to select multiple players to print, select multiple players to delete,  place multiple players in another roster, etc.

Tip: To quickly find a player in a long list, type the first few letters of the player's last name or type his\her ID#.