Exporting data to other software Reports, Views, and Data

TM can export reports and views to three different formats.

To export a report or view, on the File or Roster menu click Export. Click the Export to Html, Excel or Text File button.  Select the correct format and save the report.

Note: Any standard report, custom report, or view can be saved into a Html file format. Html is the universal format for viewing pages on the web or transferring reports and data from one program to another. This means you can view\import into any program that supports Html without losing any formatting.  Html files can be imported directly to your website, if your group has one.  Or pass reports to members.  As long as they have a web browser, MS Word, MS Excel, or any program that reads Html, they can view the report.  Html can also be imbedded in an email.

Tip: To export data to any program:  Build a custom report or view with only the items you wish to export. Generate the report and save as a Tab delimited file for import into a database or spreadsheet program.

Copying data to the clipboard

You can use the "Windows" standard keys to cut and paste.

  1. Display any report or view.
  2. Click your mouse on a cell and drag to highlight the cells you wish to copy and press CTRL-C (that is the CTRL and C key at the same time). This info is copied into the Windows clipboard.
  3. In Excel (or any program)....press CTRL-V to paste the copied cells into Excel.

    CTRL-C and CTRL-V are the standard Windows copy and paste command. They work in virtually any Windows program.