Custom Team Results

Custom team results lets you specify exactly which scores from which players will be used on which holes. This allows you to build practically any type of team results report in which a golfer plays his/her own ball. The number of types of team reports you can build is literally infinite. Also includes building multi-round team results. Standings can be based on scores (gross and net) or even points.

To display, edit, create, or delete a custom team results report, pull down the Reports menu and select Custom-Tournament Team Results-ADVANCED.

  1. To view a report - Double-click the report or click the Display Report button.
  2. To edit a report - Click the Edit button.
  3. To create a new report - Click the New button.
  4. To delete a report - Click the Delete button.

Several sample reports have already been designed to give you an idea of what can be done.

These are just samples of what can be done. You have the option of setting up different criteria on 90 different holes! That’s different criteria for each hole of a five-round tournament. The possibilities are endless.

Building a New Report

Click the New button and the Team Results Report Layout Builder will appear:

Example: You want team results to be based on a colored ball and 1 net best ball of other three players. Each player alternates playing the colored ball on each hole. Player 1 plays colored ball first, player 2 plays colored ball on next hole, etc...  Above sample screen shows the setup for this.

Example:  You want team results based 3 net balls on first hole, best 2 net balls on second hole, best 1 net ball on the third hole. This pattern repeats for the remaining holes.  Below is the setup for this.

Advanced Options Tab

If you are selecting both gross and net scores on the same hole, you should instruct TM on how to handle which balls it can select.

Using the Report

When you select to display a Custom Team Results Report, the following option screen displays.


You have complete control of what information appears on the report.

Feel free to check any options and see how the report will be displayed.