Building Teams

TM allows you to manually build teams, or it can automatically build teams for you. TM provides a wide range of powerful pairing options. For example, you can let TM build simple foursomes requiring an A,B,C,D golfer in each foursome. Or you could set TM to build a complex 2 men 2 women in each foursome, each from a different club (group),  pure with respect to walk\ride, considering each golfer's preferred tee-time, trying to balance each foursome A,B,C,D, ... while trying to maintain equal team handicaps.....while making sure that each successive event each golfer does not have the same partners. You know how long that would take to do manually; TM does it in a matter of seconds!

Building Teams Manually

To build teams manually simply drag the icon to the left of each player’s name and drop it on whichever team you wish him\her to be on.

Or double-click the player to bring up his\her Tournament Info form, type in the correct team number and click OK.
Or press the ENTER key to bring up the player's Tournament Info form, type in the correct team number and press ENTER.

Building Teams Automatically

To build teams automatically, pull down the Tools menu, select Automatically build teams, and choose one of the following:

After selecting equal, balanced, or flighted, the Calculate form will appear. This form gives you several options to customize team pairings.

Mark Pairing Priorities

Select the options you want TM to consider while building teams. TM follows an order of priorities when trying to build the teams you specify. This means TM builds teams, making sure it maintains each priority in the order they are listed. For example, if you mark "Pairing Priorities" 4-Pair Male\Female and 7-Preferred Tee-Time, TM would first try to build mixed Xsomes and then try to give preferred tee-times.

  1. Maintain teams golfers locked on
    TM allows you to lock any number of players on the same team. This allows you to manually build some teams (or parts of teams) and let TM automatically pair the rest. A player is locked on a team if a "Check" appears in the "Lock" column (this is the first column on the view list).  

    Once a player is locked on a team, he\she will remain on that team no matter what (unless you have locked more players on a team than allowed). This is TM's first maintain locked players.  The more players you lock together, the more you restrict TM's pairing choices. If you notice that TM is building "poor" teams, it probably means that you have so many players locked that TM's pairing choices are severely restricted.

Example: If you have 3 golfers that must play together, place them on the same team and make sure each is locked on that team. 

Tip: To lock or unlock all players, pull down the Edit menu and click Select All. All players will be highlighted. Right-click any player and select Edit player’s Tournament Info. Check or uncheck the Lock On Current Team box and click OK. All players are now locked or unlocked.

  1. Put SPOUSES on different Xsomes
    Mark this option if you do NOT want spouses on the same team. TM tries to make sure spouses do NOT appear on the same team. What TM is actually doing is trying to make sure players with the same last name do not appear on the same team.

  2. Balance GROUPS in each Xsomes
    TM tries to spread players (from each different tee group) evenly throughout all xsomes. 

Example: Assume I'm running a tournament with 100 golfers. 25 are professionals and the other 75 amateurs. I want to calculate 25 equal foursomes with one professional per foursome and the remaining three amateurs. I would place all professionals in tee group 1 and all amateurs in tee group 2. Then when I mark "Balance Groups" and calculate pairings, it will assure that a professional appears in each foursome.  Note: Another way to do this would be to lock each professional on a different team, then let TM build the teams.

  1. Pair Male\Female (Mixed Xsomes)
    Mark this to produce mixed xsomes. TM will try to place an equal number of male\female in each xsome. 

Example: If you mark this option and calculate 4somes, TM will place 2 men and 2 women on each team.

  1. Pair Cart and Walk
    Mark this and TM will try to keep riders and walkers together.  If a player's "Reserve Cart" field (displayed under the 'Cart' column) is marked, he is considered a rider.

  2. Maintain FLIGHTS in each Xsome
    Balanced - Tries to balance each xsome with different flights  i.e. A,B,C,D,etc
    Flighted -  Tries to keep each xsome pure with respect to flight i.e. A,A,A,A  then B,B,B,B...etc

  3. Preferred Tee-Time
    Tries to place golfers who prefer an early tee-time on the first few teams and golfers who prefer late tee-times on later teams.

  4. Maintain equal team handicaps
    TM always tries to build equal teams. Maintaining equal team handicaps is TM's last priority, so remember, the more pairing options you select the more you restrict TM's capabilities of building equal teams. 

Number of Trials

TM lets you calculate up to 12 trials.  Each successive trial makes sure each golfer plays with a different set of golfers.