Adding a Player

Click the New button or press INSERT while viewing the Membership Roster. The Roster Info form below will appear.

General Tab

Print on reports

Check if you want the player to appear on “roster” reports. You have the option on reports to include only players “marked to print”.

Tip: To mark all players to print:

  1. On the Edit menu, click Select All.  All players will be highlighted.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. On the roster info form check the option Print on Reports and click OK. All players are now marked to print.


ID# is required. (If you import players from\to the Handicap System, the ID# is used to match players.)


The sex determines the pars, hole handicaps, and tees each player will play.

In Roster(s)

Indicates which roster(s) the player is in.

Tournament Defaults Tab

(These are the initial defaults a player will have when placed in any tournament)


If you choose to type in an index, TM can convert the index into a handicap. This conversion takes place when you select the course and tee the tournament is to be played on.


Type the player's current handicap. A two decimal handicap can be entered and used to show net standings to two decimal places, otherwise the handicap is rounded to a whole number when it is applied to the player's score card. Handicaps can also be converted to “points” for quota point tournaments.


The flight may be set A to Z. Flights are used to pair players and\or flight tournament results. TM can automatically calculate flights for you in each particular tournament.

Tee Group

Allows you to assign different tees\allowances to different groups of players.  It can also be used to assure different groups of players are paired together.

Report Flags

The report flag can be used to include\exclude players from any player reports. The letters A-Z and numbers 0-9 can be entered.   Each player can have up to 12 flags (characters) in the report flag field.

Tip: You could mark a player with an "S" in his\her report flag.  When you print the Skins Report, instruct TM to only include players with a "S" in the report flag in the skins report. The report flags also allow for multiple selection criteria.  For example, assume you have some players that wish to participate in Gross skins, some in Net skins, and others in both.  You could mark the report flags with a G for gross skins, an N for net, and a GN for both.  When you print the skins report you can instruct TM to include only players with a G in reports flag on the Gross Skins and an N in reports flag for the Net Skins report.

Reserve cart

Indicates if a player needs a cart.

Preferred Tee Time

Indicates a player's preferred tee time. Early, middle, late, or no preference.

Group Text

This field is transferred from the Handicap System and can be used to track additional information.

Miscellaneous Items

5 extra fields are provided to track any additional information you need.  See Miscellaneous Field Names for more info.

Miscellaneous Tab

Amount Due, Due Date, Due Notes

Use to track membership dues.

Miscellaneous fields

These fields are provided for miscellaneous use.  Type in any extra information you need to track. Any of the fields can be left blank. See Miscellaneous Field Names for more info.