Simultaneiously edit info for multiple players

Four player items may be changed for multiple players at once or simultaneously.

Figure 1: Simultaneous edits.

Make simultaneous changes

  1. Open Main Menu, click 1. Pre-Play and then click Manage.

  2. Select a View Mode (TeamsPlayersSubstitutes) for performing multiple-player edits (see orange oval in Figure 2 below).

    Figure 2: View modes
  3. Click to place a check mark in the "all" box to edit all players (see Figure 3 below), or place a check mark to the left of each player you want to edit.

    Figure 3: Check/Uncheck all
  4. Click on the yellow pencil at the top left under the League Manager logo.

  5. Make your selections and then click on the Save button.

Note that you can Flight Players Automatically.