Scorecard Display

Set scorecard display

  1. Open the Main Menu, click Settings, click Points.
  2. Select how you want scorecard to display.

When you first create your league, you select whether or not to have teams. Depending on which selection, yes or no, for "League has teams" you make - Figure 1 below - the Score Card tab will look different. 

Figure 1: Choice of teams or no teams when you create your league

Figure 2: Individual play

Figure 3: Team play

League Manager, in the administrators console, has two scorecards: 1) an on-screen scorecard and 2) a printable scorecard for players to take out to the course. The Score Card tab pertains to the on-screen scorecard.

Where to put the dot?

Match play

Match play consists of one side playing against another. Sides consist of individual players or teams or both.

Against course or field of players/teams (no match play)