Manage player for current event

  1. Open the Main Menu, and click 2. Play under Event Administrator.
  2. Click on player name link.
  3. Make desired changes to player Event information.

The Player Screen is an important location within League Manager where the administrator may perform a variety of tasks. The numbered list below matches the numbers in the above image.

  1. Event tab displays the currently active event for the administrators.
  2. The Handicap tab takes the administrator to view the current event handicap for the named player and includes a button to show exactly how the player's handicap is calculated for the current event.
  3. The Statistics tab displays player's scores through the current event.
  4. The administrator can change the player's Flight for the current event.
  5. The administrator sets in which Skins games the named player will participate. Note that the administrator may allow the players to set their own Skins participation as well.
  6. The player's Team Position may be set from this screen.
  7. Designate that the player is Inactive for current event.
  8. Displays current round score, total Gross, Points, AGS (Adjusted Gross Score), Putts, Greens, Fairways, Prize $'s.
  9. Allows administrator to manually set GrossPoints and AGS.
  10. Administrator can make a Substitution for named player. Note that the administrator may allow the players to arrange for their own substitute as well.
  11. The player may be moved to another team for event.
  12. Player may be moved to the Substitute List.
  13. The Course and Tee that the players plays may be changed.