Standard Reports / (Old) Text Reports

Standard Reports print in a proportional space font, which is usually considered more pleasing to the eye.  Text Style Reports print in a mono space font, just like this sentence. Because standard reports are printed in a proportional font, they appear in a columnar format.  When you are viewing a standard report, you will see column headers, numbered from 1 to X.  If you choose, any column can be expanded or completely eliminated by clicking on the column separator and dragging the column header left or right.  If you choose to print (export) any standard report to disk, it can be saved in several formats, including HTML (web based), Excel, or TAB delimited. 

Text Style Reports are printed in a text based (non-columnar) style. If you choose to print any standard report to disk, it is saved as an ASCII file.  ASCII files can be imported into almost any word processor.  Text Style Reports can also be sent to the League Manager editor where comments can be added to reports and other changes made.

Custom reports let you create your own report layout.  Several “sample” layouts have been created for you to choose from, however you can also edit or create any number of report layouts which display only the items you choose.