Quick Steps to Run a League

First, create your league. Click the League menu and select Create New League.

See Creating a League for step by step instructions.

To run your league each event

  1. (Optional) Pair players for the event. Click the Tools menu and select Player Pairing for Team vs Team. See Player pairing order on a team for more information.

  2. Print the “Scorecards” or “Team Pairing Sheet” report to show player pairings.  Reports 1 or 2.

  3. Play GOLF, and collect the scorecards.

  4. (Optional) Add any substitutes that played for regular players. See Making Substitutions.

  5. Enter each player’s scorecard.  See Entering Scorecards.

  6. Print reports.

When you have finished the event - Click the appropriate event tab to move to the next event.
For more details, see Running an Event.