Player Pairing Order on a Team

By default, League Manager pairs players in default order (order they were placed on the team). The current “Player Pairing” mode is displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Note: Player pairing is only required if your league plays a match competition (player vs player / team vs team) and you are entering scores hole-by-hole.  League Manager needs to know which players are paired to bring up the correct opponents on the scorecards and calculate points correctly.  The order the players appear on the team is the order in which they will be paired.  In other words the first player on a team will play the first player on the opposing team.

Tip:  To quickly see each player’s opponent, pull down the View menu, select “Custom Views”, and load the “Opponent View”.

Players can be paired in five different ways:

  1. By Handicap
  2. By Flight
  3. By Total Points
  4. By dragging and dropping to the correct position
  5. By Player Position

Automatic Pairing

To sort (pair) players automatically,  select “Player Pairing for Team vs Team” from the Tools menu.

  1. By Handicap
    Players are sorted by handicap—low to high.
  2. By Flight
    Straight Pair (A-A, B-B,..).  Players are sorted by flight and straight paired.   A plays A, B plays B, C plays C, D plays D, etc.
    Cross Pair (A-B,B-A,..).   Players are sorted by flight and cross paired.   A plays B, B plays A, C plays D, D plays C, etc.
    Mix Pair (ACBD). Players are sorted ACBD on the team.  Applies only to 4 man teams.
    Mix Pair (ADBC). Players are sorted ADBC on the team.  Applies only to 4 man teams.
  3. By Total Points
    Players sorted by total points.

Manual Pairing

  1. By dragging and dropping to the correct position.
    To manually reposition players on a team, drag the “Player Icon” (to the left of each player’s name) and drop it on the player you wish to swap with.

  2. By Player Position
    Select the player and double click to reveal the “Player Information” form.  Type the player’s position in the “Position” box.  The position is the order you want the players to appear on the team.  For example, a four man team would have 4 positions:  1,2,3,4.  When you are finished, sort by player position.