Other Parameters \ Points

To view the Point Parameters form, choose “Point Calculation Parameters” from the Setup menu and select the Other tab.

Player’s TOTAL points are the sum of

Most leagues use all points a player scored in all events to form his/her total points.  However you can instruct League Manager to use only the best X event points when calculating a golfer’s total points.


If you are running a league with a large number of players per team, you may consider dropping some low player points in each event.  This helps teams to not be penalized if some of their players do not show - thus “no shows” (0 points) will not be considered for team standings. League Manager can drop 0, 1, 2,...low points for each event.  Dropped points are ignored when team points are totaled.  Points are not dropped for player totals.  Dropping points affects only how League Manager calculates team points, it does not remove entered data.  Drop High Points...works just like Drop Low Points above.

POINTS For Showing Up

Lets you award points to players for showing up. If a player has a substitute or forfeits he is considered a NO show.

Type of Play

Play head to head (Opposing teams play the same course)

League Manager automatically makes sure opposing teams are playing the same course.  If you change the course one team is playing, the course for the opposing team will also change.

Play against Course\Field (No opposing team)

There are no opposing teams.  Each team can play a different course.

Points a Substitute wins go to

The Sub him\herself

Any points a substitute wins are credited to him\herself and the team the sub is playing for. 

Note: Most leagues use this option because it allows substitutes to participate in the league standings.

The Player Sub is Subbing for

Any points a substitute wins are given to the golfer the sub is playing for.  The substitute receives no points. 

Note: If a player gets a good substitute he\she can end up winning the individual standings with points he\she actually never earned.  You may want to consider not selecting this option, and show individual standings by average points.  Average points shows a player’s true ability and does not penalize him\her if they do not show up to play every time.

Example: Three players in your league are ranked by average points.


Number of Events Played

Total Points

Average Points

Fred Jones




Tom Smith




Bill Taylor




You can see that even though Tom Smith has more points than Fred Jones, Fred Jones is the better player because he scores more points each time he shows up to play.