Import Overview

League Manager can import any type of ASCII (text delimited data) file. If your golf data is currently in another software package, you must first export it from that package in ASCII format.

What is ASCII Delimited Format?

Each data field in an ASCII delimited file is separated by a comma, tab, space or semicolon and delimited by quotation marks. Records are separated by a carriage return. ASCII files have a simple format and can be viewed in any text editor.

ASCII delimited text files could have the following format:

"Field1","Field2","Field3","Field4","Field5",...etc... Record 1

"Field1","Field2","Field3","Field4","Field5",...etc... Record 2






How Do I Export Data?

All programs are different, so we may not know the exact steps to export data from your particular program, but most database software can export information into a standard format such as ASCII DELIMITED, ACCESS, EXCEL, TEXT, DBASE, etc. Look on each menu to see if you see an Export function in your software. Or you may be able to export a report which contains the data you wish to transfer. Some software lets you "save" reports to disk in a different formats.

What Data Can I Transfer In?

Any information League Manager tracks can be transferred in.

For example, minimal info you would want to transfer into the League Manager would be each golfer's name and gender. Of course any other items can also be transferred such as scores, address, phone numbers, email, etc.

Import Function

You can import data files from other programs or services into League Manager.

Data Files:

Data in ASCII (text) format can now be imported into a League in League. The file can be comma, space, tab or semicolon delimited. This functionality allows an import of reports from other programs that output to a text files. Your group may have used another product to keep your previous scores. You can now import this previous data assuming the previous program or service can output to a text file.