Entering Team Information

Entering Team Information

Highlight the team and click the Edit Team button to view the “Team Information” form.


If your league has “football” type divisions, where teams play inter-divisionally, use this option to place teams in different divisions\groups.  Football type divisions are called Groups in League Manager. Type the Group the team you have selected is in.  You may have up to 9 groups per league.


Your league has 12 teams with two divisions\groups.  Teams 1 to 6 are in group #1 and teams 7 to 12 are in group #2.  Enter group 1 for teams 1 to 6, and group 2 for teams 7 to 12.  When you print standings report, select to presort by groups.  The report will show standings for group 1 and then group 2.

Team is playing course

Shows the course\tee this team is playing.  To change the course the team is playing, select the correct course\tee in the list.

Events Points (List)

This list displays the total points for each event and the grand total for the season.

Total Points = Team + Player + Substitute - Dropped + Adjusted

Lock Team Points  (Overriding the team points calculated from the scorecard)

If for some reason you wish to alter/override the team points for the current event, check the “Lock Team Points” box and type the team points you want the team to receive.  League Manager displays team points in RED to indicate that it was manually entered and locked.  Remember: If you mark “Lock Team Points”...team points will no longer be updated by the scorecard.  Only team points entered on the team form will be used.