Entering Courses

Courses are entered in the Course Library.  The Course Library maintains a list of any number of courses which your golfers can play.

9 or 18-hole course?

If your league plays 9 holes (front OR back nine) each league event, enter each of the 9-hole courses that you play (usually front and back of one course) as a separate course. If your league plays 18 holes (front AND back nine) each league event, enter each of the 18-hole courses that you play (could be just one course) as a separate course.

Enter Courses

To access the Course Library, on the Setup menu click Course Library.

To add a new course, click the New button (above image).

Type in the Course Name and mark the Number of  Holes for the course (18, 1-9, or 10-18, or you can specify hole numbers).  Address, phone, and golf-pro information is optional.

To enter a tee box, select a tee to edit and click the Edit Tee button.

Set the Tee Name and Abbreviation.

Type in the Rating and Slope for both men and women.

Ratings: Course ratings are required for the correct calculation of handicaps.

Slopes: Slopes are required if you need to convert indexes to handicaps. If a course does not have a set slope, leave the slope set to 113. 113 is the default for an un-sloped course.

Enter the yards, pars, and handicaps for each hole.

Note: Pars and hole handicaps are required for each tee your golfers will play. The program will not function correctly without this information.

Course information is utilized as follows: