The Editor for Views and Reports


League Manager allows you to further customize any report or view by sending it to the Editor.  Any report or view can be altered, saved, printed, sent to the web, and retrieved later with all changes saved. If you are familiar with “Excel” (Microsoft’s spreadsheet program), the editor works just like that program. It is basically a scaled down version of Microsoft Excel.  Text can be inserted, deleted, and edited.  Fonts size, style, type, alignment, etc, can be set to anything. Pictures can also be added. Background colors and font colors can be customized too. Plus, rows and columns can be added, deleted, and resized. Copy, cut, paste any text. Basically anything you can do in a spreadsheet can be done to a report or view.

To send a report to the editor:

  1. View the Report on the screen.
  2. On the Editor menu, click Send current ‘report’ to Editor.

Note: The editor is for making "cosmetic" changes to views and reports. Any changes you make in the editor DO NOT affect the data you have entered for the league. Once a report or view is sent to the Editor it simply becomes a document that you can edit. In other words, any changes you make to the "document" in the Editor do not affect how the report will be displayed the next time you generate it.