Roster Screen

The following is a sample HANDICAP SYSTEM screen:

HS behaves like most Windows programs. Command buttons and pull down menus are continuously displayed, so you always know which options are available. Names and handicaps are displayed in a spreadsheet format. The top left corner of the screen displays the eight pull down menus -- Roster, View, Reports, Tools, Internet, Editor, Setup, and Help. Under the menus are command buttons which show some of the more commonly used functions...Open, Sort, Reports, Calculate, and Courses.  These menus and buttons contain various functions, discussed later. Under the list of golfers is the Home Course and tees used to determine course handicaps and command buttons that let you perform various actions:  New - add a golfer, Edit - edit a golfer, Delete - delete a golfer, View Scores - view a golfer's scores, and Add Score - add a score for a golfer. The bottom row displays the current calculation mode, current date, last revision date, and the season start date.