Import Registration Information

Data from an online registration form created using GolfSoftware's Website Builder registration feature can be imported with a few clicks of the mouse into Handicap System.

When importing, if you already have names in the Handicap System Roster into which you are importing, the program will first attempt to match people by looking for a matching player ID number. If a number is not available, then the program will attempt a match with the first and last name (Jim and James or Dick and Richard may be the same person to us humans, but to the computer it is not a match even with the same last name). If you are importing the data into an empty Roster which you have just created in Handicap System, then no matching is necessary.

If the data you are importing is from another program - not from an online registration form created using GolfSoftware's Website Builder registration feature - please see Import Data Files.

Importing Registration Data

  1. Select "Import Signups" from the Internet menu.

  2. Select the registration or Signup Sheet from which to import player information and click on Next button.

  3. When the download is complete the import window will have advanced to the tab labeled, 2. Names to import as below.

  4. Click on the Next button to advance to the tab labeled, 3. Import to... as below and click on the Find Handicap Roster button.

  5. Highlight the Roster into which you want to import the data and click on Load Roster button. If the Roster does not yet exist, click on the New Roster button to create a Roster and load it.

  6. Click Next to move to Tab 4. Fields to import to as below.

  7. Handicap System will attempt to guess what the content of each column of data is and assign the correct field name such as Last name or Date of Score. Some columns, like column 1 above, will have "None" for field name. If that is a field you want to import - Handicap System will not import data identified as "None" - select the proper identifying name from the drop down menu for that column of data. You need to verify the field name pre-identified by the program to make sure it is correct. Once all of the fields you want to import are properly identified and all of the fields you do not want to import have "None" as the column header, then you may click on the Finish button.

  8. When the importing is complete, you will see something like the below image.

  9. You will note in the background how many records were updated, added and transferred. Click on the OK button. Handicap System will close and you must restart Handicap System.