How do my members see their information on the web?
  1. Tell your members to go to

  2. A member will enter his/her GSID and Password to access their information.

    GSID (GolfSoftware ID). This is simply your (CUSTOMER# - MEMBER’S ID#).
    For example, if your customer number is 12345 and a member’s ID# is 101, then his/her GSID is 12345-101.

    Password. This is by default the member’s last name and can be changed at any time.


Tip: To change a member’s GSID or password…double-click the member to see his/her Golfer Information form. Click the Website/Internet tab.

Tip: To quickly see all members’ GSID and password…click the View menu and select, Custom Views, double-click the view called (Website Info).